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30 Weeks of Pregnancy: The Child is Already Preparing For Delivery

30 weeks of pregnancy: The Child is Already Preparing For Delivery

30 weeks of pregnancy how many months are they? This period corresponds to the end of the seventh month of pregnancy. In this thirtieth week of pregnancy the child could settle in the cephalic position (upside down), to prepare for childbirth. Within this 30th gestational week, the brain continues to develop intensively. The 30 week old fetus moves a lot and these movements are clearly visible on the belly surface. If the child does not like the position in which his mother is, will do everything to make it clear. In this period we are in the stage of medium prematurity and we have overcome extreme prematurity. If you were to give birth to 30 weeks, your child’s chances of survival are high enough.


30 weeks of pregnancy

At the thirtieth week of gestation the child measures about 38 centimeters and the weight of the fetus at 30 weeks is 1150 grams. The skin becomes more and more smooth, is able to swallow and make movements related to those assigned to suction.



The belly of lowering a little bit, the future mother begins to feel better, often with less heartburn and breathes better. We must continue to monitor weight and pay attention to the diet.



We need to make light, small and frequent meals, so it will be easier to digest. Taking care of your skin with the regular application of anti-stretch marks and oils, that’s fine.


30 weeks of pregnancy
30 weeks of pregnancy

Thirtieth week of pregnancy

We begin to feel some contraction of Braxton-Hicks, that is, sporadic contractions of the uterine muscles, which can also be caused by movements of the child, which, towards the end of pregnancy, goes down, preparing to leave the physiological cephalic position. If they begin to appear regularly and frequently, contact the obstetrician or gynecologist who follows the pregnancy in order to be sure of the state of the uterine cervix.



Weight of fetus 30 weeks

With the increase in the volume of the uterus it is increasingly important to follow a healthy and relaxed lifestyle. Stress and excessive fatigue make the woman feel bad about her pregnancy and can encourage contractions.



At the ultrasound aimed at controlling fetal growth the baby, being great, will not be able to show everything in full on the screen. In this period, you should evaluate with your doctor if it is not appropriate to go on leave. From the eighth month, the right to 5 months of maternity is provided.



fetus 30 weeks

In this quarter it is possible to make decisions regarding the preparation for childbirth: follow a course of accompaniment at birth, go shopping in view of the arrival of the child, decide how you want to give birth.



Those in favor of epidural analgesia can inquire at the birth point chosen to give birth. Undergo an anesthetic examination and proceed with the cord blood collection procedure if desired. Information and awareness are the strengths to better face labor and delivery.

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