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5 Weeks of Pregnancy: What Happens to Mother and Child?

5 Weeks of Pregnancy: What Happens to Mother and Child?


You will not seem pregnant yet but huge changes take place within you. Maybe you have not had any symptoms yet, but the 5-week fetus is growing fast. At the fifth week of pregnancy the embryo looks even more like a tadpole than a human being, but within 5 weeks of pregnancy its little heart will start to beat and will have formed eyes and ears. The gestational room at 5 weeks of pregnancy is partially visible as opposed to a 4-week fetus.



The embryo at 5 weeks of pregnancy is not yet totally visible. At 5 weeks of pregnancy, symptoms may or may not be present. If you have not yet been affected by nausea, be prepared because the morning sickness will accompany you throughout the first quarter. The pregnancy in the fifth week may not cause certain symptoms. At 5 weeks of pregnancy beta should be around 6225 mlU / ml (minimum value) if it is a single pregnancy.

5 Weeks of Pregnancy
5 Weeks of Pregnancy

Pregnancy week

The duration of the pregnancy is calculated in weeks. But how many weeks of gestation are there? They are calculated from the date of the last menstruation up to 40 weeks of pregnancy, approximately 270 days of pregnancy. The gestation week is calculated, in the case of the 5 weeks of gestation, from the beginning day of the fifth week (5 + 0) to the sixth day of the same (5 + 6). At the beginning of pregnancy we cannot speak of fetus, but rather of embryo. In fact, talking about a fetus at 5 weeks is wrong.


But how many weeks do you see the embryo? A measurable embryo can often be identified with high-resolution transvaginal ultrasound between the fifth and sixth weeks of actual pregnancy. When the embryo is seen, it is possible to carry out a series of measurements aimed at accurately dating the pregnancy. And instead when the placenta is formed and when the umbilical cord is formed? The placenta begins to form on the tenth day from conception and consequently also the umbilical cord. The placenta and the cord are therefore the nutritional source of the fetus and guarantee the exchange of substances between mother and fetus. Knowing the placental function is useful to know how the fetus feeds. In fact it is good to have some precautions regarding the intake of specific drugs and the absolute prohibition of smoking, drugs and alcohol is in force.

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How many weeks are they?

As soon as the pregnancy test is performed, the first question that arises is: how many weeks are pregnant? The first assessment to be made to know what week of pregnancy they are, is to perform the venous sampling for the research of the hormone HCG produced by the placenta. Already the level of the hormone of the blood manages to tell us approximately in which week of pregnancy they are.


You will hardly meet a woman who will say is 1 week of pregnancy since the beta hcg is taken approximately after the first day of delay and at that point the pregnancy will be already two weeks. The 3-week pregnancy begins to give its hcg values. Instead it is impossible to know how pregnant I am or what week of pregnancy I am through the commercially available pregnancy tests.


Some also specify the weeks but are very general. The final confirmation to know how many weeks are pregnant is the ultrasound. In fact, the doctor through the latter will be able to evaluate the embryo’s measurements and on the basis of that determine the gestational age. What is certain is that the 3-week ultrasound is totally useless since you will not see anything yet. Therefore, first of all, by means of beta samples, of how many weeks of pregnancy they are in such a way, then to fix an appointment with the gynecologist towards the sixth / seventh gestation week to perform the ultrasound check.


Fifth week of pregnancy

After ascertaining how many weeks of pregnancy you are in, you can start making your first thoughts about this new experience. The advice is to get in touch with your doctor and decide to fix the first ultrasound and how many weeks it is useful to make an appointment. performing a 4 week ultrasound is a useless room due to poor visibility. In the 5 week of pregnancy the ultrasound should show its first results if performed with modern equipment. At 5 weeks of pregnancy what you see is difficult to establish. There will undoubtedly be a sketch of the gestational camera and if you are lucky you will also glimpse the embryo.


First weeks of pregnancy

The first weeks of pregnancy do not present any special symptoms except that some hints of nausea and breast soreness. In fact, pregnancy in the first few weeks is difficult to ascertain unless venous sampling is sought for the hormone beta hcg. It is not recommended to perform a 5 week ultrasound during pregnancy. In fact it is better to wait for the seventh or the eighth in order to be sure to see as many important elements as possible especially for the dating of the pregnancy itself.

5 Weeks Pregnancy
5 Weeks Pregnancy

Pregnancy without symptoms

Some women despite being pregnant do not show obvious symptoms apart from the absence of the menstrual cycle. We often ask ourselves if, for example, diarrhea is a symptom of pregnancy. The answer is uncertain because very often you can have episodes of diarrhea even in the premenstrual phase. So in the first weeks of pregnancy the symptoms are not said to occur. For some pregnant women, week after week, the symptoms change. In fact, there is the woman who at 3 weeks of pregnancy has mild symptoms others who have more pronounced symptoms.


Towards 11 weeks of pregnancy the symptoms begin to decrease, while in the fifth week of pregnancy the symptoms are more or less evident. In fact some women have symptoms at 5 weeks of pregnancy such as nausea, vomiting and fatigue. Others instead almost nothing.


5 weeks of pregnancy

The 5-week pregnancy is characterized by the amazement, fear and euphoria of the woman who starts to realize that she will become a mother. At 5 weeks of pregnancy the mood is characterized by moments of joy at moments of doubt and perplexity. Will I be able to mother? This is the question most women ask themselves. Especially during this gestational period in which the embryo at 5 weeks does not show signs of its presence because it is too small. This is why it is wrong to talk about a fetus at 5 weeks.


You start talking about the fetus at 5 months and the only certainty to know that at this moment a new life is present are the 5-week betas. Even the ultrasound at the fifth week of pregnancy does not show much, but a woman in her heart feels that something is changing.

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