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Activities and Games for Autistic Children

Activities and Games for Autistic Children

Perhaps you will know that autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is a psychological and neurobiological disorder of development that affects many people and is characterized by a recruitment of the person in their own inner world. It is detected in the first years of life and is a chronic disorder that will accompany you throughout your life.



The main characteristics are the little social interaction, repetitive patterns of behavior and lack of communication. The disorder can affect in different ways, going from mild symptoms to very defined behaviors due to this disease. Today we will know different Activities and Games for Autistic Children with whom to work on social interaction or their different abilities.



Activities for autistic children

It is important to work with the manipulation of everyday objects and fine motor skills to develop these skills and also to increase participation and naturalness in the performance of daily tasca.



For this, it is important to play based on clear guidelines and using objects that symbolize an everyday element. For example, the table can be played, the objects will be made available to the infant, and the table will be proposed for a defined number of people. Then he will be asked to wash his hands and sit down to eat. Once seated you will be congratulated and will be proposed to remove the table and return it to another number of people. With this activity we will be working on several aspects: numbers, the ability to stop the table, sit in a specific place, and so on.



Other games of this style could be:

  • Dressing and undressing dolls.
  • Water plants.
  • Play kitchens.
  • Play to build.


In short, the typical children’s games but with a very clear and defined order.


Activities and Games for Autistic Children
Activities and Games for Autistic Children

Toys for autistic children

This type of activity is developed to enhance spatial vision, perception of it and fine motor skills, again.



Some activities for autistic children will be done by small or large pieces of different types:

  • A puzzle to assemble.
  • Cubes to create shapes and constructions.
  • Some pieces of lego to build.



The games of figures with defined contours, in which you must place the concrete figure in the colored or bored space that you touch according to its shape, are very useful to achieve this goal and are used to being successful among the participants. It can also be done with stickers, you must place a sticker painted or with an illustration on top of the drawing that is the same as her.



Music for autistic children

In this type of games we will try to work communication with the infant through sound and listening. It will be ensured that sounds or music influence the child and can reproduce them, act with them or simply generate some kind of reaction.



We propose three games for autistic children:

  • The first is to imitate a sound that we are going to reproduce, for example, we reproduce animal sounds and ask them to copy them. It is important to make only one sound at a time. In addition we can add difficulty, according to the possibilities of the participant, and include images that relate the animal to the sound.
  • Another game is to move the body through songs and when the music stops stop. When you put the music back, move again and then brake again. It is not about dancing, but simply about reacting to the sound. With this game you will be promoting free movement and physical exercise, as well as following some guidelines and specific indications.
  • The last musical exercise is to create short and concise songs for each activity. For example, when it is time to eat, use the phrase “to eat, to eat, we are hungry, we are hungry, we eat, we eat, we are hungry and we want to eat”, in a sung and melodic way. Thus, each time you hear this song, you will relate it to the food and you will know what it is to play. At this point we must remember the importance of routines for people with autism spectrum.



Games for autistic children

We will try to develop creativity and artistic expression with games that are liberating and satisfying:

  • An example will be to take used papers and wrinkle them, to later place them as you wish and create a creative figure.
  • Another game is the free drawing, which consists of putting at your disposal colors of all kinds and paper to be expressed as you want. In this exercise, the color that is used is important because it could be a source or sample of your emotions.
  • Another exercise is to paint with your hands or feet on a mural on the floor, where you can express yourself freely and capture your own movements.
  • Finally, another example of exercise is the use of plasticine or clay to mold and create objects, characters or creative beings.



Artistic exercises have a great impact on the communication and well-being of autistic children, since it is a form of expression in which they can express their emotions, experiences and sensations without having to interact with other people, but making themselves understood .



To all this, and it serves for any of the activities and games proposed for this article, it is important that there is always an adult or a guard responsible since the manipulation of small objects can be dangerous because they can try to ingest them, something that should be avoid.

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