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6 Causes of Back Pain When Coughing

Back Pain When Coughing

Do you have back pain every time you cough? When this respiratory symptom arises, it can remain for a long time and even cause other consequent discomforts. The sore throat, nose and chest are very common, but the back is less frequent, which makes us suspect another problem. However, you should keep in mind that there are many reasons that explain back pain when coughing, whether in the upper or lower back, such as coughing, contractures or pneumonia. It can be something light that resolves quickly or something more serious that requires medical attention.



Causes Of Back pain when coughing and breathing deep:

There are many possible causes of this problem. However, these are the main causes of cough and back pain:

  • Excessive dry or productive cough.
  • Us and muscle contractions.
  • Pneumonia.
  • Sand or kidney stones.
  • Cracks in the ribs
  • Endometriosis

However, as this case is different and it is possible that there are other causes for this problem, we recommend that you consult your doctor as soon as possible to do a battery of tests. He will make a professional diagnosis and recommend an appropriate treatment for your condition. Next, we explain each of the possible causes of back pain when coughing.

Causes of Back Pain When Coughing
Causes of Back Pain When Coughing


Excess cough:

In both cases of dry cough as well as productive cough or phlegm, the truth is that coughing too much and constant form ends up producing several annoyances, until it calms down and they disappear.

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Cough causes an increase in chest pressure and tendons in this area can become tense, especially if coughing is too frequent and prevents rest and recovery of the same tension and pressure. So, this can easily make you feel back pain when you cough. However, rest assured that the pain will disappear as you recover from the problem that is causing this symptom.



Muscle contracture in the back:

If you have a contracture in the back, especially if it is severe, every time you cough you will feel pinched or pinched in that area. This problem can occur in any area of the back, above or below, that is, in the dorsal or lower back. When this respiratory symptom causes spasms in the muscles, the pain affects the exact point of the muscle problem.



This is because the back muscles intervene in all the movement produced by the cough, and if any part of the back is so tense that it has formed a knot or contracture, the muscular tension increases so much that it hurts.



In this case, it is necessary that in addition to visiting a doctor for help in treating the cough, you should consult a physical therapist to evaluate your back and help solve the problem of muscle contraction.




This respiratory problem occurs when there is inflammation and infection in the lung tissue, usually caused by bacteria but may also be the result of the presence of viruses and fungi. Pneumonia is a serious problem that requires treatment so that it does not get worse in a short time, it is necessary to consult a doctor before symptoms such as respiratory distress.



Cough is one of the most persistent symptoms of this disease. So with the muscle spasm that the cough causes and the very inflammation of this area of the chest, you may feel back pain when you cough.



Fissure in the ribs:

You may not only feel pain when you cough, but also ask yourself “back pain when breathing, what can it be?”, Since the chest movement when breathing, especially deep, and coughing make you feel pain in the inflamed part that surrounds the fissured rib.



Although not fractured, a bone with a severe crack as is the case with the fissure is painful, albeit a little less, which includes a cough with pain in the ribs.



In addition, when this respiratory symptom becomes very persistent and severe, it is possible that a rib will eventually crack with the exertion of the lungs and with the force of each spasm.



In this case, it is also essential that you consult your doctor as soon as possible, as this type of injury can take some time to heal properly. If you ignore the problem and do not rest properly, the condition can worsen easily.

Back pain when coughing
Back pain when coughing


Kidney stones:

Kidney stones or kidney stones are another possible cause of back pain when coughing. If you have this advanced problem, you surely feel pain almost constantly, since it produces nephritic colic in a punctual way and, when you cough, it causes intense pain in the area.



If the problem is starting and you only have sand or very small stones, you may not feel pain in the usual way but you may experience back pain when you cough, especially at the kidneys level. In fact, what you feel is kidney pain and the surrounding muscles, rather than the back itself.




Finally, another cause of back pain when coughing is endometriosis that only affects women. Endometriosis occurs when this inner part of the uterus grows out of it, anywhere near the abdomen. The endometrium prepares for gestation and expels during menstruation if it does not occur, being formed every month during the menstrual cycle. Hence, the problem may arise throughout the woman’s reproductive life.



One of the symptoms that alert to the existence of this health problem is the pain in the lumbar when coughing or in the abdomen, in the point where the endometrium formed outside the uterus. The pain can be felt by making efforts like running, exercising or even coughing.


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