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What Are Causes of Black Spots In Vision?

Black Spots In Vision

Flying flies are small dots of dark color that appear in the view, the dots can actually have several shapes, whether they look like lines, circles or have an abstract and confused shape. The resemblance between them is that they all seem to move as if they were alive and give a feeling of being outside the eyes, like flies. Flying flies can have several meanings, some of them much more serious than others. If you have seen them and wonder what may be black spots in vision, read article



Black spots in vision, what can it be?

The possible causes of black spots in vision are:

  • Flying Flies
  • Myopia
  • Pre eclampsia
  • Blue Field Entaoptic Phenomenon
  • Hypertension
  • Macular Degeneration


Read on to learn more about each of the causes of black specks in vision.


Black Spots In Vision
Black Spots In Vision

Black spot on sight, what can it be?

There is inside our eyes a gel that fills it called vitreous, the gel is mostly composed of water and over the decades it grows old. As a consequence of time the part of the vitreous that is not composed of water ends up crystallizing deep in our eyes and disrupting our vision since, when the light enters our eyes, it passes through these obstacles and we can see its shadow, giving the impression of see black spots. In general, flying flies do not present danger, however, sometimes this symptom is a consequence of retinal detachment.



The flying flies are nothing more than the consequence of the aging of the body and it is not necessary to be afraid when they appear, there is no serious consequence of this process of crystallization if not the annoyance it generated mainly to observe very clear landscapes.



This symptom usually appears in people over 45 years of age, with myopia and / or people who have undergone vision surgeries and should only be closely observed in cases of temporary or partial loss of vision or in which the patient perceives any change in vision , since in these cases the flies are probably linked to a retinal detachment. If you are young and are seeing flyflies, this is probably happening because of changes in the collagen fibers in your eyes, in those cases it is necessary to see a doctor because it is not common for young people to have this symptom.



If you have black spots in vision and head color, run to a doctor because your retina is certainly off the hook.



Treatment for fly flies


The treatment for fly flies is not necessary when they do not generate much discomfort, because in these cases the flies tend to disappear over time without any intervention, however, when the flies appear constantly, in great quantity or increase in size to point of disrupting the practice of common activities such as watching movies and reading, it is recommended to go after treatment.



To repair this damage, a surgery called vitrectomy is performed which consists of the partial or total removal of the vitreous gel from the eye so that it is replaced by some liquid substance or a gas suitable for that use. In cases of retinal detachment sometimes the same surgery is also recommended, however, a doctor should be consulted for the situation to be analyzed and for the best treatment to be provided.


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Black spots on vision and headache: other causes

In addition to flying flies, other diseases can cause changes in the type of vision, when changes occur inside the eyes that cause change in vision, such as flying flies, the phenomenon is called photopsia. The photopsia can occur due to eye surgery as is the case of cataract surgery, trauma and also because of myopia. In cases of myopia, it is also common for the patient to feel headaches for having to force the vision to see.



In addition to the photopsia, there are other causes of similar changes in vision, they are:


Pre-eclampsia: Black spots in vision in pregnancy are caused by pre-eclampsia, which is a consequence of a pregnant woman’s blood pressure rise, this disease also causes swelling. Pre-eclampsia should be treated urgently because otherwise it puts at risk both the life of the mother and that of the baby.

Blue Field Entomoptic Phenomenon: This phenomenon is not a disease, although it has a similar cause to that of flying flies. The phenomenon, also called Scheerer’s Phenomenon, generates clear or white spots in vision that are actually white blood cells passing in their eyes and can be seen only in clear environments that are not white, like the sky and are not grounds for concern.
Hypertension: Similar to pre-eclampsia, hypertension is capable of causing the patient to have dizziness and black spots as high blood pressure causes obstructions in the blood vessels of the eyes, in which case treatment should be done urgently, as case otherwise the patient may be permanently blind.

Macular Degeneration: This disease damages the macula of the eyes and causes the patient to gradually lose sight if left untreated, linked to aging as well as flying flies and cataracts. In this case, the patient usually sees black spots on the vision and begins to lose sight of the center, and the stain that prevents him from seeing clearly grows over time.

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