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Bumps on Inner Thigh: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Bumps on Inner Thigh: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Bumps  or dermatofibroma, also known as benign fibrous histiocytoma, is a benign, very frequent, small, hard, fibrous, slightly protruding, usually brownish-colored tumor that may vary over time but is not malignant. It is a type of benign skin lesion that usually arises after puberty.

Although it may appear anywhere in the body, the lesions have preference for regions such as buttocks, legs and shoulders. Also known as fibrous histiocytoma, the dermatofibroma is mainly formed by fibroblasts.



The cause is unknown, and more often it appears spontaneously. However, in about 20% of cases, there is a history of an insect bite or a trauma.



The color of the dermatofibroma is usually a little darker than that of the skin. The lesions grow slowly until they reach an average of 1 cm in diameter. They are hard and may be both slightly raised and slightly depressed. In the vast majority of cases the lesion is unique, however, there are cases of multiple lesions.



When the dermatofibroma bothers the patient, some type of treatment is indicated. Although they are aesthetically unpleasant, there are few cases in which the lesions cause pain or itching.



The shoulders, buttocks and legs are the most commonly affected sites. When they are on the legs, it is necessary to pay attention to the epilation, because it can cause small bleeding.

Symptoms of dermatofibroma or bumps:

These collisions rarely cause associated symptoms. However, it is always important to consult your doctor.

  • They are usually reddish-brown in color;
  • They are darker in people with darker skin;
  • Color may change over time;
  • They are often found in the legs, but can also occur in the arms or torso;
  • They are small (3-10 mm);
  • Pruritus (itching);
  • Sensitive to touch (for example if you touch a dermatofibroma this, it can bleed);


Dermatofibroma can be easily diagnosed by the naked eye. The cock forms a dimple in squeezing. The doctor can analyze the patient’s history and perform physical examination. If the diagnosis has not yet been confirmed, a biopsy is recommended. At the biopsy, a sample of the node is examined.



Treatment to treat:

Dermatofibroma does not need treatment, until it does not cause discomfort. Patient can be uncomfortable with the collision as it intervenes when shaving or wearing clothes.



The knots do not heal by themselves, and they can not be permanently healed. However, the bumps are harmless and contrary to the general belief, do not lead to cancer.



They pose no risk to the patient’s health and can be removed surgically. The doctor administers local anesthesia before removing the node. However, surgery can lead to the formation of a permanent scar (the scar is formed as dermatofibroma occurs deep within the skin) of the affected area. This may seem more attractive than the presence of a knot because the scar is larger in shape. People with dermatofibroma should avoid exposure to the sun.



How to Prevent Dermatofibroma:

There is no way to prevent the appearance of the lesions, as the exact cause of the problem is not known. However, it is possible to exclude pain and other discomfort when looking for a doctor.



In the vast majority of cases the lesions do not cause symptoms, but when this occurs, they can be removed through surgical excision or cryosurgery. Despite removal, the dermatofibroma may return in the same place.



In order to avoid future complications and a correct diagnosis, it is essential to seek help. It is important to consult a doctor frequently and perform routine exams so that these and other injuries and disorders can be detected



The vast majority of conditions can be properly treated when an early diagnosis is made. So do not hesitate to seek help. Be aware of changes in your body and consult a physician regarding any symptoms or changes.

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