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Pain, Itching and Burning in Anus After Defecation: Causes and Treatments

Pain, Itching and Burning in Anus After Defecation: Causes and Treatments

Do you feel stinging or burning in anus after defecation and do not know what this symptom may be due to? The truth is that behind this condition can be many conditions or conditions, so it is important to pay attention to other types of symptoms that arise to try to find out what may be the original cause. Depending on this, medical or other treatment must be followed. The itching and anal burning is a symptom that usually intensifies after the defecation due to the effort made in it and it is very important to avoid continuous scratching so that it does not get worse and no infections occur due to the injuries that we can cause with the nails .



Burning in Anus After Defecation Due to Diarrhea:

A prolonged diarrhea can cause significant damage to the anal mucosa, irritating it and in those more serious cases causing the formation of an anal fissure, a condition that will be explained in more detail in the following section. This, in addition to the evacuation of liquid stools frequently, can lead to the appearance of pain, itching and burning in anus after defecation.



Diarrhea is a condition that can be caused by various conditions such as gastroenteritis, infectious diseases, intolerances or food allergies, digestive diseases, anxiety or stress, taking medication, etc. When diarrhea does not stop or worsen with the passing of days, it is very important to consult with the doctor to find out the exact cause and initiate the appropriate treatment. You should increase the consumption of healthy fluids and take oral rehydration preparations or antidiarrheal medications if necessary. In addition, it is advisable to follow an astringent diet to try to restore intestinal transit.

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Burning in anus
Burning in anus


Stinging and Burning in Anus Due to Anal Fissure:

One of the causes of itching and burning in anus after defecating more common is the so-called anal fissure. This is a wound or tear that occurs in the anal mucosa due, usually, to constipation, prolonged diarrhea, reduced blood flow in the area, or delivery.



Among its most characteristic symptoms are intense pain during evacuation, which may persist after it and be accompanied by itching, stinging and burning in the anal area. It is also possible that the stool contains clear red blood and that the affected person feels a sensation of heaviness in the rectal area throughout the day.



There are anal fissures that heal spontaneously, however, in other cases a medical treatment may be required, which may include the use of anesthetic ointments, the use of stool softeners, laxative injections or botulinum toxin injections or surgery for those cases in which those that do not work the previous treatments. Likewise, it is recommended that modifications be made in the diet and life habits to combat constipation or diarrhea.



Itching and Burning in the Anus when Defecating Due to Hemorrhoids:

Another possible condition that can answer the question of “why my anus burns when defecating and after doing so” are hemorrhoids, commonly called piles. This is a dilatation of the veins of the rectal area that is manifested by the appearance of a kind of protuberances around the anus that usually cause pain, itching and anal stinging, which is more intense during and after the evacuations. Due to the effort made during bowel movements, bleeding may also occur.


Burning in the anus
Burning in the anus

Hemorrhoids are usually the result of constipation or other situations or conditions that lead to increased pressure of the anus, such as standing for a long time or sitting in bad posture, overweight, the effort made during childbirth, the suffering of diseases such as liver cirrhosis.



Burning in the Anus by Fungi:

Itching and burning in anus after defecation can also be a symptom of a fungal infection called anal or rectal candidiasis. Generally, this is a consequence of a candidiasis in the genital area that has spread to the back area. In the rectum, yeasts can find the perfect environment to proliferate and grow in an excessive way, which causes symptoms such as itching and stinging in the anus, redness, inflammation, rough and scaly skin, discomfort during bowel movements and, sometimes, presence of small blisters.



To treat anal fungi, treatment with antifungal drugs must be initiated, which can be administered locally or orally. In addition, it is important to maximize the hygiene of the area, suspend anal intercourse until the infection is healed and avoid wearing tight clothing to the body.



Parasites that can Cause Constant Burning in Anus:

In addition to fungi, there are parasites that can also cause an infection that manifests with itching and stinging in the anus. The most common are called pinworms or pinworms, which cause an intestinal infection in which there is presence of small white worms in the large intestine. These worms reproduce and, later, they lodge their eggs in the margins of the anus, which is what would give rise to the suffering of an itching and an intense burning in anus, although this symptom appears with greater intensity during the night.



This type of infection is more common in children than in adults and should be treated with the appropriate antiparasitic drug, in addition to extreme hygiene measures to prevent its spread


Anal Warts for HPV:

Considering the possible causes of burning in the anus after defecating, we must also mention the infection by Human Papillomavirus (HPV), which can also be suffered in the anal region and manifested by the so-called anal warts. HPV represents one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases and is usually caused by having sex without adequate protection.



When the disease is symptomatic, the main sign is usually the appearance of a type of warts or condylomata in the affected area, which may be pink or gray, soft and present in the form of clusters. They are usually accompanied by symptoms such as itching, burning, increased moisture and bleeding after sexual intercourse.



HPV has no definitive cure, but there are a series of treatments that can be carried out in case of your condition, among these, we find the application of creams on warts, cryotherapy, electrocautery, laser and surgery.


itching in the anus
itching in the anus

Dermatological Conditions that can Cause Stinging in the Anus:

The itching and burning in anus can intensify after defecation when in the area you suffer from skin conditions such as the following:


  • Atopic dermatitis: condition of the skin characterized by symptoms such as intense itching, desquamative rashes, redness, irritated and dry skin.
  • Psoriasis: condition that presents with symptoms such as itching and redness and that can be confused with other types of conditions.
  • Contact dermatitis: due to the use of products or substances in the skin of the anus that are irritating or cause an allergic reaction.

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Home Remedies for Itching in Anus:

Now that you know what are the possible causes of burning in anus after defecation, it is very important that you follow the appropriate treatment based on them, because as we have already said, you should start a specific treatment in each case.



Here are some home remedies for burning in the anus and a series of care that can help relieve discomfort momentarily:

  • Perform sitz baths with warm water and a little bit of baking soda or Epsom salt.
  • Add 1 tazada of apple cider vinegar in the tub water and take a relaxing bath for about 20 minutes.
  • Apply some pure aloe vera gel to the area with itching and burning.
  • Add 1 cup of oatmeal in the bath water and take a bath for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Avoid scratching the area frequently, as this could worsen the symptoms.
  • Avoid the use of perfumed toilet paper and clean the anal area with care and making sure it is as moist as possible. You can do the cleaning with a wet wipe and dry with dry toilet paper later.
  • Avoid wearing tight underwear.
  • Try not to remain seated in the same position for many hours at a time.

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