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How Much Calories From A Banana You Can Get

Calories From A Banana – Calories Of A Banana

Banana is a very nutritious and beneficial fruit for our body, but many people associate it with unwanted weight gain, which is completely wrong. Banana is a healthy, low calorie food that can and should be part of your diet. The banana has no fat, so you can consume it even while on a diet, provided it is not in excess.



The sugar present in the banana turns to glucose, providing energy to the whole body. Therefore it is much used by athletes before their physical activities. However, this glucose needs to be spent, otherwise it will be stored and become fat, causing weight gain. Here’s how many calories the banana has and how to properly consume it.

Calories From A Banana
Calories From A Banana


See the Amount of CaloriesĀ FromĀ A Banana:

Bananas, in general, have 110 to 150 calories. As there are some types, the specific value of the calories in each may vary. Bananas also have several other vitamins and substances that make them essential for the body.



Banana has no cholesterol and only 1 mg of sodium. We still found 23 grams of carbohydrate, dietary fiber and 12 grams of sugar. The banana has a little more than 1 gram of protein, in addition to being rich in vitamin A, D, B12, C, B6, calcium, iron and magnesium. All this can be found in a portion of 100 grams.



Benefits And Calories of A Banana:

Because it is so rich in various nutrients, bananas are a very beneficial fruit for the body and health. Being rich in potassium, bananas are a great ally to lower blood pressure. The fibers present in its composition help to improve the intestinal transit, eliminating the problems of constipation. It even helps in digestion.



Eating a banana between your meals helps keep your blood sugar levels balanced. By containing vitamin B it is also great for the nervous system. The potassium present in the banana is also essential for our body, contributing to normalize the heart beats in times of stress. To complete, it increases satiety and improves the good mood, being very indicated for those who want to lose weight.



Know the types of banana

All bananas have very similar nutritional values, so you can consume whatever you prefer or according to the situation. A banana, for example, is best suited for cooking, baking or even frying. You can create multiple recipes with it.



The banana silver is more suitable for the preparation of vitamins and for consumption in natura. The apple banana is also indicated to eat in natura, but it can also be used to make purees. Banana nanica is best suited for cakes, while banana-gold can be used to sweeten vitamins.



How to consume banana:

You can consume the banana in your snacks during the afternoon, being able to consume it in a natural way, inserting it in vitamins or eating with other fruits. You can also consume with yogurt or a juice.


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