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Can you be pregnant and have the cycle?

Can you be pregnant and have the cycle?

It happens quite often that a pregnant woman can detect the presence of a blood loss similar to a menstrual flow. That is why it is not uncommon to wonder if menstruation may or may not occur during gestation.


Menstruation is meant to eliminate an uncontrolled oocyte along with a blood loss and endometrial tissue degenerate. Everything that happens first prepares the woman’s body to ovulate and to be inclined to accept any pregnancy.


Pregnant with the cycle:

For this reason one can understand how coexistence of cycle and pregnancy is impossible. Since, since tuberculosis-induced ovulatory fertilization occurs, the organism adopts a conservation mechanism rather than the elimination of uova. In fact, there are mainly hormonal shifts, which tend to pre-treat the endometrium to the reception of blastocysts from the tube.

Can you be pregnant and have the cycle?
Can you be pregnant and have the cycle?

False menstruation:

Those who are unaware of the mechanism at the base of a menstruation could easily confuse the manifestation of the embryonic implant with menstrual bleeding. Assured that you can not be pregnant with the cycle, how do you do it to distinguish the two things?

Pregnant menstrual pain:

Sometimes you do not give much weight to menstrual delays, for example if you usually have irregular cycles. In these cases it will be difficult to think of being pregnant, especially if it is a case of a pregnancy without nausea. The embryonic embryonic embryonic implant at the endometrium would be confused with the first menstrual pain.


Pregnancy cycle:

These little pains, which are not always perceived, follow a slight blood loss. As happens in the first loss of menstruation, there is a very low loss of dark blood. Typical of the embryonic implant, but also typical of the earliest alopecia of a menstruation (and this is why you are thinking of a pregnancy cycle!).



In the absence of symptoms of the cycle and of the first symptoms typical of a pregnancy it is possible to confuse. Just make sure that you have a pregnancy test and, if positive, confirm the result ultrasonically.

Pregnancy menstrual pains:

Cramping at the start of pregnancy, which is similar to the menstrual cycle, is due to the brutalist system. In this circumstance, the endometrial surface, under the effect of progesterone, is suitable for receiving blastocysts. The surface of the same facilitates the corrosion of the endometrial surface tissues in order to fit into the thickness of the mucous membrane and facilitate the shear stability.


Pregnancy with cycle:

The subsequent blood loss, once the implantation occurs, is always linked to this event. The breakage of some capillaries present on the endometrial surface in the netting area causes a slight loss. Being of little magnitude, it slowly reaches the vaginal canal, blood is oxidized and is called “old blood” for this reason. It is manifested by the appearance of a small dark red spot or maroon on the slip.


Low cycle:

In the case of menstruation, it often happens that the losses (usually lasting 5 days) start with a small amount slowly increasing. The first small losses are similar to those typical of the plant.

Low menstrual cycle:

A normal menstrual cycle, as said shortly ago, starts with a low amount manifested in dark spots. Then it slowly increases in size, becoming a real flow. If this does not happen there may be a gynecological abnormality or simply not a menstruation.


False cycle:

In any case where there is a suspicion that there is something strange in menstruation or there is a suspicious delay, it is necessary to resort to specific controls. Ultrasound diagnosis of possible pregnancy is the safest way of ensuring the presence of the same, the vitality of the embryo and the correct localization of the gestational chamber.


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