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Can You Get Pregnant Before Ovulation?

Can You Get Pregnant Before Ovulation?

As much as it seems a simple question, quite a few women have this kind of doubt. The woman has her menstrual cycle which causes that when the menstruation delayed 1 day, the concern of a possible pregnancy becomes evident.


The delay in menstruation does not necessarily indicate a pregnancy, quite the contrary, there may be fluctuations in women’s cycles, some delay due to anti-conception pills, other medications, and so on. However, when the delay happens, it is a signal for you to perform some pregnancy testing just for checking.

Can You Get Pregnant Before Ovulation
Can You Get Pregnant Before Ovulation

Good but the issue is you do not want to wait for the delayed menstrual cycle to be able to perform some type of test, you had a relationship and would like to know as soon as possible if you are pregnant. After how long after the relationship do you already have any idea if you are pregnant?


The results are always more reliable after the delay in the menstrual cycle, so let’s say, the sooner you test less, the better the chance that the result will be correct, but after the sexual intercourse about a week later you can detect a possible pregnancy with a Beta HCG blood test, or even a pharmacy pregnancy test that are more sensitive, preferably 50 IU / l hCG.


There is no way you can be sure about this, not least because the symptoms of pregnancy are not so obvious in the early days, which makes it difficult to get a better diagnosis. There are some more sensitive tests, but they are a little more expensive, the ideal is to ask a pharmacist at the time of purchase to indicate some better test to try to detect a pregnancy as soon as possible.


Obviously I recommend you wait for the delay of the menstrual cycle to perform a new test or exam, to get a better idea, and always consult a doctor for good guidance. You can not tell whether you will be pregnant before menstruation is delayed with good reliability, but in cases where your concern is too great, it will not hurt to take the exams. If you give positive you have chances of you being pregnant, if you give negative yet you have chances of being pregnant, but smaller.

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