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Why You Can’t Stop Burping? How to Stop Burping

Why You Can’t Stop Burping?¬†How to Stop Burping

If there is something we always want to prevent it from occurring are burping. Especially if we are in family, with friends or at a work dinner.


Although they are quite annoying, we must know that it is not a disease but a condition that can be reduced and avoided. Find out more in the following article.


Why does burping occur?


When gas from the stomach exits through the mouth and abruptly can cause more or less loudness. This is known as “belching” and has several causes, mostly related to indigestion or empacho.

can't stop burping
can’t stop burping

The factors that influence the moment of burping are:

  • Eat fast, lots and not chewing or salivating.
  • Eat too much fatty food.
  • Drink too much liquid with gas during the meal.
  • Suffer some diseases such as hiatal hernia, gastritis or duodenal ulcer.
  • Have anxiety or stress (because they modify the digestive processes).
  • To suffer intestinal problems like constipation, intoxications or food intolerances.
  • Use antacids or similar medicines.
  • Swallowing too much air when we eat, talk, chew gum or smoke.


Although it is more frequent to eliminate the air and gases through the intestines, also the body gets rid of them with belching. Some people suffer from this problem very often, while others only annoy them from time to time.


Sometimes people choose to consume a glass of sparkling water to encourage belching, although this is not recommended for people who are constantly suffering.


If a woman is pregnant the digestion becomes a more complex process that, along with the hormonal changes, causes nausea, stomach acidity and slow digestion that are alleviated with belching.


Tips to avoid frequent burping:


The most important thing is to change our eating habits if we want to stop belching every time. The tips that will help you with this problem are:


Follow a food routine:

This means keeping an order to consume food and comply with stipulated schedules. Having breakfast at the same time every day (even on weekends) and getting used to the body to eat at a certain time of the day is essential.


It is also recommended to chew slow and with the mouth closed, not to talk while eating, to place few amounts of food in the mouth, to drink little water during the intake and to avoid the copious dinners and just before going to sleep (to wait at least two hours to lie down).


Eat right foods:

Fermented food (eg, pickles, sauerkraut, etc.) increases indigestion and, therefore, belching. The same is true for very fatty, spicy or sugary foods.


Some people choose to eat fruits away from the main meals (mid-morning or mid-afternoon) and at breakfast or snack. The most recommended are papaya, pear and apple.



You can also drink vegetable milk if your problem is dairy intolerance.


Avoid chewing gum, onion, chocolate and garlic. Do not forget that alcoholic beverages produce burps and that vegetables rich in starch (cabbage, bananas, prunes) slow down digestion.


The grape or peach juices can also make you burp.

Reduce stress:


When we are anxious, nervous or stressed, we may eat more and worse. Avoid eating too much food at these times as you will be adding a good amount of air to your body.


Try to calm down and find another alternative to your condition (other than eating and eating). Better get some exercise, take a nap, or talk to your best friend.

stop bleaching
stop bleaching

Natural Remedies for Burping:

In addition to changing your daily habits would be good to take advantage of the following home recipes to prevent or reduce belching:


Cold milk:

In case you are not intolerant to lactose you can drink cow’s milk. You can also choose the almond, rice or millet (to name a few examples).


This cold drink treats heartburn, prevents the formation of gas in the stomach and relieves the burning sensation. You can consume a glass of milk before bed or after lunch.




The leaves of this plant serve to alleviate belching and reduce the production of stomach gases. It is recommended to chew some mint leaves between meals if we want to avoid belching.


You can also prepare an infusion with a tablespoon of leaves per cup of boiling water.

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