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Causes of Burning Pain in Back and How Treat it

Causes of Burning Pain in Back and How Treat it

Burning when it happens in the back or between the shoulders, especially when we kill a posture for a long time, can mean two things:


  1. A muscle fatigue, with accumulation of “lactic acid” in the muscle, which, being acidic, “burns”, giving the sensation of burning.
  2. Pain originating from the ligaments that cause a burning sensation, very common in the region between the scapulae (homoplata or palette) and the lumbar region, near the buttocks.



OK! We have an idea of what it is, but let us understand why these symptoms of burning and burning occur.


burning pain in back
burning pain in back

When we use too much or wrongly or in a wrong posture our muscles, or when we have a difficulty on the part of the muscle to move joints (when they present blockages of movement), then we will have an excess of muscular activity and automatically a difficulty of entrance of the blood (which removes toxins (dirt)) which will generate accumulation of lactic acid. Acid makes it burn.


How to Treat Burning Pain in Back:

Osteopathy (through the Osteopath) does it! The manipulation of joints releases the movement that consequently reduces the work of the muscle and removes stress on the ligaments, improving circulation, removing the “dirt” of the same, eliminating the symptoms. Read Also: Pain On The Right Side Of The Back


Why Do Not Medications Improve Symptoms:

Because there is a difficulty of the circulating blood in these tensed muscles, therefore hindering the arrival of the anti-inflammatory in those regions, which would relieve the inflammation. Still, one explanation would be because the cause of pain is mechanical, not chemical (to cure the process with medicines). So the treatment has to be mechanical.

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