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Cramps After Period:Causes and How to Treat Them Easily

Cramps After Period:Causes and Treatment

A woman, a gentle, sensitive person, such as her body has been built, is often subjected to several health problems due to the different fluctuations to which she is exposed during her menstrual cycle!


Menstruation or menstruation causes pain in the lower abdomen in several degrees, it varies from one woman to another. But it is often a terrible period in the majority of them, indeed, of all the evils and all the sufferings that makes them live each month.


Nevertheless, this period has a limit, once the 6 days of menstruation have passed, the woman should return to her normal state.


Which is not often the case? Are they illusions? Or does it really trigger your emergency alarm?

cramps after period
cramps after period

Then consult your doctor to chase all kinds of doubts!

1. What is the duration of your period?

Your periods have duration! This duration differs from one woman to another. We can summarize that the menstrual cycle in women can be:

  • 21 days,
  • 28 days (average duration).
  • 28 to 30 days,
  • 30 days,
  • 30 to 36 days.


Basically, it varies between 21 and 36 days.


2. What is the origin of the evils during the menstrual period?

In the majority of women, the rules are always accompanied by tightness and pain in the lower abdomen, and it is quite natural! Indeed, women possess two organs proper to them called “Ovaries”.


These organs are located at the level of the abdomen in the lower part. They are responsible for fertility in women, and produce several essential hormones that ensure the balance of the female body.


During your period of menstruation, you have probably noticed that pain is severe during the first days (first and second menstruation) and diminishes more and more from the second day.


This is because your body and your ovaries secrete hormones that try to actively eliminate the uterine lining that was built by your uterus during your previous menstrual cycle.


Following this elimination, little by little, and all the contractions provoked you feel strong pains in the lower abdomen during your menstruation.


3. Injury to the ovaries after menstruation, why?

Having a stomach ache is frequent and natural during menstruation. But this should not be common after your period!


If you are still suffering from tightness at the ovaries after your periods, or from the same pain of menstruation even after your menstruation, we strongly advise you to go to your doctor.


It should be noted that having ovarian pain after menstruation is a rare case that should be consulted with your gynecologist. In this case, we can suspect two situations:

  • Pregnancy
  • An infection.
Cramps A Week After Period
cramps after pregnancy

4. How can this suffering be prevented?

Tugging down the stomach after menstruation, ovaries (left or right), or any pain in the ovaries are often called dysmenorrhea. These are uterine pains that occur during menstruation. They last two days or even three at most.


On the other hand, if this happens to you even after your periods then it is quite worrying.


We can offer you our help to minimize these ailments and soothe your stomach at best. We have a list of tips that we ask you to apply to get you out of it. You are then asked to:

  • Have a good lifestyle: avoid alcohol, cigarettes …,
  • Do not eat too many sweets,
  • Reducing your intake of red meat,
  • Opting for vegetarian diets,
  • Do not stress,
  • Exercise to unwind,
  • Reduce your caffeine intake.


These tips are easy to use and can be easily applied, so try to take them into account in your next cycle to get rid of this painful ovarian pain before and after menstruation.


In case your pain continues, do not hesitate to visit a specialist to prevent any risk. This is the best solution because health is first and foremost!

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