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Red Spot In Eyes: How to Get Rid of Red Spots Under Eyes

Red Spots In Eyes: How to Get Rid of Red Spots Under Eyes

Surely you ever looked in the mirror and saw red spots in eye. Although at first sight it seems something worrisome, the truth is that it is something very common that usually disappears without having to make any specific treatment. The causes of the appearance of these red spots on eyes can be many and in this article a how are we going to talk about the most common. Keep reading and find out why there is blood in your eye and how to get rid of red spots under eyes.



Causes of Red Spots In Eyes:

The blood in the eyes appears because of a stroke just below the conjunctiva. This occurs when a blood vessel ruptures and, due to the rupture, the blood appears. This is a problem that usually does not produce any type of pain and the only sign is the spot you can see on your eyeball. There are different causes of effusion in the eyes and the following will list the most common.


Red Spot In Eyes
Red Spot In Eyes

One of the most frequent causes that causes the appearance of blood in the eyes is the stress. A change in the nervous system can induce a blood vessel to rupture and this unsightly spot appear on the eye. In the same way, it can also appear when making some corporal effort like, for example, to cough, to vomit, etc.


The lesions can also cause red spots to appear in the eyes. Just like when we hit with a leg or arm, a bruise or purple appears, with the eye happens exactly the same. Purples are simply an accumulation of blood when breaking a blood vessel; as the eye has a transparent tissue, the blood is more visible but it is exactly the same thing: a bruise.

Red Spots Under The Eyes
Red Spots Under The Eyes

If you have suffered a traumatic injury, we advise you to see a doctor to check the condition of your eye and make sure there is no other serious injury.



Having high blood pressure can cause the blood to clot and therefore these blood spots appear on the eyeball. There are also some medications that can influence blood pressure and break down blood vessels.



Blood in the eyes may also appear due to rheumatic or other conditions that alter blood clotting, such as diabetes. In this way, the spots would be a symptom of a more important disease that should be treated as soon as possible.



As you can see, the cause of the effusion in the eyes is very light, so do not worry about seeing blood in your eyeball. What we recommend is that if you do not know what the reason is, go to a doctor to examine yourself and rule out that this is a symptom of a more serious illness.

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Red Spots In The Eyes
Red Spots In The Eyes

How to Treat Red Spots In The Eyes:

There are times when you can wait for your petechia to heal especially if they are only cause for prolonged effort, but if you have been there for quite some time, the best thing to do is the following:



Consult Your Doctor About What You Are Experiencing:

You can be a healthy person who is suddenly plagued by the appearance of petechiae and wants to know what it has caused. It is recommended to do this if you have not cried yourself to sleep, vomited or had an emotional crisis just a day or a few hours the red dots under your eyes appeared. You will know if the condition is serious if a large part of your face is covered. Your doctor will ask you if you have found recent injuries or if you are taking new medications. Through your answers, a series of tests may be necessary.


Red Dots Under eyes
Red Dots Under eyes

Treat Your Affection:

If it has been proven that your petechiae is caused by an underlying disease, you need to cure that condition so that your petechiae disappears. The treatments that can be performed will vary depending on the cause.

Be More Careful:

This is especially true as you get older. You become more susceptible to the formation of blood clots, especially if you have certain medical conditions that require you to take medications again. If you know you can not move like you did before, take your time. Nobody forces you to do anything.



Let Your Health Petequlas:

You can panic once you see the spots under the eyes that you put different creams, oils and moisturizers even just to make them go away. You can even put in making them less obvious. Remember that they will disappear on their own or once they discover what has caused them, it can be noted that the condition to help the points under the eyes disappear.



Place Under The Eyes:

It is necessary to place something cool under the eyes in order to make the red spots disappear. Just remember that doing this will not get rid of the possible underlying cause of the disease. You can place ice under your eyes if you would like to prevent the appearance of petechiae in the future. For example, after crying, you can immediately put ice under your eyes. This will help reduce inflammation and stop capillary hemorrhages from outside. Remember that you should not put ice under your eyes for more than 5 minutes.


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