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Why am I coughing up green mucus?

Why am I coughing up green mucus?

There are some situations when you notice your mucus and the situation is when you produce thick mucus. The mucus often changes color and its consistency. Every person does not produce similar mucus. Some people have thicker; some produce sticky while others produce of any color. When people suffer from cold, any allergy or have in contact with something irritating, then they throw the mucus. You just do not have to worry if you are coughing up green mucus because most probably it is due to the allergic response or sign of any itching. The tissue of your nose starts producing fluid, and the fluid comes out of your nose.
Some people who drink much milk also produce more mucus.


coughing up green mucus

Coughing up green mucus:

Around 65 percent of people do look at the content which comes out of your nose, but if you have not noticed the content which comes out when you blow your nose then probably you must have to; because it may be green, black, brown, yellow or red. Following are the reasons that why you have colored mucus?

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Yellow or green mucus:

Coughing up green mucus or yellow is a sign of infection. However, the coloration is not because of the presence of bacteria. When you suffer from cold, and your immune system gets weaker than the immune system sends the white cells to the area where the greenish enzyme are in more quantity which changes the color of your mucus.

However if your mucus is clear and does not have any color, then you have ear or sinus infection. If there are no symptoms of sinus infection, then you may be suffering from pressure, congestion or fever.


Red or brown mucus:

The color of mucus is not confined to yellow or green. You may experience red or brown mucus when you feel too much irritation or your nose gets dry. People who pick up their nose a lot or rub it or even blow with pressure experience the red or brown mucus. The blood comes from the nostril and sticks to the mucus, so you do not have to worry. However when you see a large amount of mucus in red color then consult your doctor.


Rid of Mucus:

If you are coughing up green mucus, white or red mucus too much then it is clearly the sign of infection. People who suffer from sinus blow out their nose regularly which cause the blood vessels to strain and they narrow up, and the blood flows out from the nose.
If your mucus is very thick then there is a procedure which will thin out your mucus and makes it easier for you to get it out of your nose, you may experience side effects of the medication like a headache, vomiting, nausea, and dizziness.

Many people try nasal irrigation to get rid of mucus which eliminates all the bacteria from your nose. According to the recent research nasal irrigation increase the risk of infection and also washes out protective substances from your nose.

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