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Cravings In Pregnancy: When They Start and What They Depend On

Cravings In Pregnancy: When They Start and What They Depend On

Cravings in pregnancy are very common, the desire to eat certain foods compared to others is completely normal when you are pregnant. The motivations that explain why these behaviors are born are essentially two. On the one hand there are hormonal changes that alter the tastes, on the other hand emotional stress and the desire to cuddle increase for which particular attention is required food.



Starting of Cravings In Pregnancy:

The cravings occur suddenly, often, in the afternoon or evening after dinner, but there is not a precise moment in the nine months in which they begin. They come, sometimes, already during the first weeks, to the first hormonal changes, but they continue and are not constant. There are times when one may want one food rather than another at any time of the day.


Cravings In Pregnancy
Cravings In Pregnancy

Salty cravings in pregnancy:

Each pregnant woman has her desire, which can be a certain food or a variety of the same category. There are women, for example, who can not help but put something salty in their stomachs. Whether it’s pregnant fries or pizza during pregnancy, everything that has this strong taste is fine. Olives and bread are also very desired, which can calm down nausea and heartburn.



Birthmarks in male or female pregnancy:

When one has a certain appetite and in particular that for pregnant desserts, the popular belief is that one is waiting for a child. For the girls, the mother is full of fruit and orange juice, in fact, according to the cravings you can understand the sex of the child.



Those who wait for a male tend to want more salty foods, such as salami during pregnancy. The important thing is to pay attention to toxoplasmosis that can be found in raw ham that is something not to eat during pregnancy in the first months.



Birthmarks and spots:

At the birth of their baby the presence of strange spots immediately makes us think of a lack of food request from the mother. The desire on the skin if it appears dark color corresponds to a desire for chocolate, a red instead is lack of strawberries during pregnancy. There is no scientific basis for this correspondence, the spots that appear on newborns are angiomas and do not refer in any way to food.



Strange cravings in pregnancy:

Coca cola in pregnancy, like sodas, are among the most requested drinks by mothers, but there are also strange cravings. There are those who prefer pickles, but we are still in the field of normal things, because there are also pregnant who want to eat the earth, raw meat, toothpaste, soap or raw vegetables.



Sexual cravings in pregnancy:

Dads will be happy to know that their companions do not just want gelato in pregnancy, but also have requests that are not purely culinary. During the nine months the libido increases in many women and they have more desire to have sex. All this thanks to hormones and a new vision of themselves, more aware of their beauty.

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