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Diabetic Foot Care at Home

Diabetic Foot Care at Home

When you suffer from any disorder, whatever it is, it is essential to consult a professional and strictly follow their instructions because, in many cases, poorly attended alterations can cause various complications much more difficult to treat that worsen the general condition of the patient , both at the level of health and emotional level, since they begin to feel that they can not overcome the pathology.



These situations can be seen very clearly in people who suffer from diabetes when it is not controlled and treated correctly by a professional, causes a decrease in blood flow, causing not enough blood to reach the legs and causing damage to the nerves. the legs and feet, which is known as diabetic foot. If you are not cared for correctly, this condition may be cause for hospitalization, so in the this article we present some diabetic foot care at home.



Diabetic foot: initial symptoms

For those patients who suffer from diabetic foot, it is essential that they control and observe the feet in their home on a daily basis. This is because this disorder can cause damage to nerves and blood vessels in the feet, so they may not heal properly if they are injured by very minimal at the beginning, something quite common due to numbness and little sensitivity that causes the alteration.



Mainly, it is important that the tip of the big toe, the plant of the smallest toes, the external part of the foot, the plant and the heel are usually controlled. Also, if the skin is cracked and dry, blisters, ulcers, bruises, cuts or red areas or with a moderate redness. If you have one or more of these symptoms, it is essential that you consult with your doctor.


Diabetic Foot Care at Home
Diabetic Foot Care at Home

How to clean a diabetic foot

Among the most important home diabetic foot care, is keeping them clean constantly. For this, it is recommended to wash them with warm water and soap every day; However, it is essential to remember that the nerves of the sector may be damaged, so that heat is not felt so much, so it is necessary to ensure that the water is not at such a high temperature that it could cause a burn in the area involved. .



After washing your feet properly, it is extremely mandatory to dry them carefully. We must be careful not to leave wet areas, for example, in the interdigital area to keep the limbs hydrated properly, avoiding that various alterations occur that can worsen the general clinical picture.

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For those people who suffer from diabetic foot and have excessive sweating in the area, it is important to use talcum powder when you finish washing your feet every day. Likewise, it is recommended to use scissors that have the round tip and cardboard file to cut the nails, always taking into account to be careful not to hurt yourself, for which you should ask for help if it is difficult for the same patient or use different tools such as a magnifying glass and excellent light.



Wear natural fiber socks

What is used on the feet can be an indispensable factor for those who suffer from diabetic foot. That is why one of the main care is the clothing used in them, so it should be removed from the wardrobe those synthetic socks or thick seams, belts or leagues that compress and compromise the circulation to the affected extremities .



Many specialists may recommend using natural fiber socks, although it is important that each patient consult with their trusted doctor. On the other hand, it is essential that never use electric blankets, hot water bags or sit near a stove to increase the temperature of the feet. This is because they are elements that greatly increase the risk of suffering various disorders in the area, such as burns.



Do not be barefoot

Being barefoot can be another great risk for those who have diabetic foot, so it is necessary to never stop using shoes, even when you are on the beach. It is important that the feet are protected and comfortable, therefore, it is recommended to use constant lightweight shoes both to be in the house and to go out to perform the usual tasks of each day.



When it is necessary to buy new footwear, it is advisable to make an adaptation so as not to cause any injury to the foot. It is recommended that it be done slowly, using it for a maximum of one consecutive hour for several days until the shoes are more adapted to the foot of the patient.



Other diabetic foot care at home

In addition to the above, below we show other useful recommendations for caring for the diabetic’s feet:

  • The shoes used must be baggy, so wide that each finger has its space and is not injured.
  • Check the footwear of the shoes every day before placing them to verify that there are no foreign objects inside that could hurt the foot.
  • If you have the habit of smoking, it is necessary to eliminate it because it can worsen the lack of blood circulation to the affected area.
  • Do not use lotions, oils or creams between the toes.
  • Call the doctor immediately if you feel pain, tingling or burning in the affected area.

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