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Do Hemorrhoids Go Away on Their Own?

Do Hemorrhoids Go Away on Their Own?

It is known as hemorrhoids or piles to the dilation of the veins of the venous plexuses located in the rectum or anus. When the alteration is located in the part of the superior plexus it is considered internal hemorrhoids and they are located above the anal canal, covered by mucosa. Those that are present in the lower venous plexus are called external hemorrhoids and are below the line of continuity of the anus and rectum, covered with external skin.



When suffering this disorder several symptoms appear that can be very annoying for the patients. Although they are very common because they have numerous causes, in many cases it is a source of shame for the person who suffers from this inflammation in the veins and therefore they may wonder: do hemorrhoids disappear on their own? If you want to know about “Do Hemorrhoids Go Away on Their Own”  and more answers, read the following article.


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Causes of Hemorrhoids:

Hemorrhoids are a very frequent alteration in a large number of people and are produced, basically, by the increase of pressure in the anal sector. This is because the pressure in the anus causes a swelling in the veins and tissues of the sector, which can also cause blood during bowel movements.


Among the most frequent causes of hemorrhoids are:

  • Make a lot of effort when defecating.
  • The constipation.
  • Stay seated during prolonged periods, mainly when you are in the bathroom.
  • Suffer some diseases such as cirrhosis.
Do hemorrhoids go away on their own
Do hemorrhoids go away on their own

Main Symptoms of Piles:

Although hemorrhoids are not usually painful, there is a possibility that a blood clot forms in the area, causing great discomfort constantly. Also, this pathology includes symptoms such as:


  • Itching anal or itching in the anus.
  • See bright red blood in the stool.
  • Pain in the anus that increases when sitting.
  • Strong discomfort in bowel movements.
  • Feel one or more protuberances near the anus, which are sensitive and hard.



Treatment to Cure Hemorrhoids:

The treatment for the inflammation of the veins in the rectum or anus will depend exclusively on the cause of them, however, it is difficult for these hemorrhoids to disappear on their own. Although there are certain factors that can significantly help reduce symptoms, it is essential to perform an appropriate treatment to eliminate them and then follow the professional’s instructions to prevent their recurrence.



There are several ways to treat hemorrhoids depending on each patient, whether they are external or internal and the doctor’s considerations. In general, more traditional treatments are based on creams with over-the-counter corticosteroids to reduce swelling and pain. It could also be prescribed other creams that have lidocaine exclusive for hemorrhoids that significantly reduces the discomfort caused by this disorder and supplement with stool softeners that are ideal for these patients because they reduce constipation and effort They must perform to defecate.



Also, you can follow certain tips that help reduce the itching and pains in the area. Among them is:

  • Use cotton underwear.
  • Do not use toilet paper that has perfume or colors.
  • Do not scratch the affected area.
  • Use baby wipes to clean when going to the bathroom.
  • Apply witch hazel or various home remedies that can help improve general symptoms.


In spite of the above, it is essential to consult a doctor before performing any treatment, who is the only one who, through examining the condition, will indicate the best way to eliminate them, combating the symptoms of hemorrhoids and the disorder that could be causing them. This is because, if the hemorrhoids are not treated correctly, they can grow and with the passage of time need some type of surgery to eliminate them, besides that the annoyances would increase damaging the daily activities.



Recommendations to Prevent inflammation of the veins in the Rectum and Anus:

In particular cases hemorrhoids can disappear on their own, especially if they are due to an isolated episode and they do not suffer from them constantly. In any of the cases, whether it is recurrent or you want to avoid re-submitting them, follow the following tips can be helpful to prevent their appearance:

  • Ingest the necessary amount of liquids during the day.
  • Have a balanced diet with plenty of fiber by ingesting fruits, whole grains and vegetables to improve intestinal transit.
  • Use stool softeners when required.
  • Take fiber supplements if the professional advises.
  • Do not stay seated for a long time.

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