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Does makeup cause acne? Causes and treatment of Acne

Does makeup cause acne? Causes and treatment of Acne


Acne is a skin inflammation that affects, above all, the face and trunk. It may occur at puberty, but not necessarily. It can also affect over 30 adults and is not necessarily linked to hormonal imbalances. Acne is due to seborrhea, that is, the increased activity of skin sebaceous glands that make this much more fat than normal. Seborrhea causes the formation of sebum caps that may be called closed or open, depending on whether the drooping carpet is completely closed or if the sebum can still leak out.


Acne has a well-defined pathological development. The pus found in the foruncules is due to the microorganisms that penetrate the comedons in the acne phase (acne nibacterium combined with other bacterial agents). The comedian stage leads to the emergence of classic black spots or white points. In the inflammatory phase there are spikes or papules. In the postulatory phase, the foruncules get sick and the classic and inguardable yellowish tip appears to their culmination.


The hormone phase affects the onset of acne, especially for the androgen effect on the sebaceous glands.


What are Causes of Acne:


The main causes of acne are not yet completely known. They must be found above all in the genealogical tree, establishing a certain familial predisposition to skin disease, but not just to a given genetic.

how to cure acne
how to cure acne

As we have already mentioned, acne usually occurs in adolescent age. Hormonal changes, in fact, are at the top of the ranking of the causes of acne. That is why I am affected by this inflammation even in women during the premenstrual period.


Stress can worsen the situation and lead to an epidermic worsening with associated onset of acne. Any ovarian cysts may result in increased sebum production. The drugs that can cure acne are: folic acid, vitamin B12 and yeast.


What to do if acne is particularly aggressive? First of all, avoid DIY. Immediately contact a competent dermatologist who will do the right diagnosis and prescribe the best medicines to treat the pathological condition. Acne can be solved with peels and lasers. Unlike what is commonly thought, acne is not derived from misdiagnosed diets or excessive consumption of sweets. Not at all. You can eat what you want without having this unnecessary fear. In addition, the sun does not do well because it attacks the epidermis and worsens the problem.


In some cases, pimples are also caused by some foods or the use of some cosmetics that are too aggressive for our skin. To better understand what we are talking about, we better understand our acne knowledge by discovering the various types of this inflammation.


The various types of Acne:



Every acne has its own cure, as they say, but to understand what the best medicines to cure it, first we need to identify the kind of acne that struck us. We know better together the various types of acne.

  • Juvenile Acne: It is the most and the least insidious. It appears in the youthful age and usually disappears naturally. It does not leave any scars unless we have the bad habit of “squeezing” the pimples (never do it!) That does nothing but worsen the epidermal condition. Acne, in this case, comes on the face, neck and shoulders.
  • Nodule-cystic acne: It is usually more common in male. In this case, the onset of cystic and nodular formations can leave scars that we can eliminate using the laser. Conglobated acne has cysts, pustules and abscesses that form fistulas and can last up to 35 years of age.
  • Lightning Acne: It is an acne form that gives fever and severe joint pain.
  • Acne by drugs: It may be caused by the intake of certain types of medicines, including: corticosteroids, some antiepileptic, some antidepressants.
  • Neonatal Acne: It occurs in the newborn because of maternal androgens.
  • Exogenous acne: usually due to make up. Some oils present in the trickery cause, in fact, pustules and cysts. That is why it is always better to use natural make-ups without skin irritants. Even some types of Vaseline can cause acne. In fatty skins, even excessively scented bubble baths, moisturizing creams, skin oils can lead to acne.

The best advice I can give you is to periodically perform a deep cleansing of the face and, despite the temptation to be strong, not to tear the pimples, even to avoid the risk of infection and the appearance of acne scars.



How to cure Acne:



We have said it several times that it is very important to care for our skin but how to cure acne? Firstly, to prevent its appearance, it is very important to follow a healthy diet. It is advisable to avoid elaborate and full fat products. You should prefer natural foods such as fruits and vegetables. The crude diet in this comes to our rescue, because raw vegetables are much healthier than cooked ones because high temperature destroys many foods contained in the foods. According to some, there is no relevance between the onset of acne and poor diet. But we must point out that sometimes acne is a symptom of food intolerance, and a diet that excludes unethical foods from our body could facilitate healing.



To treat acne very useful is aromatherapy. In a bowl we combine distilled water with two drops of essential lavender oil, two drops of essential oil of juniper and two drops of essential oil of cajeput. Mix well until the oils are completely dissolved in the water. Let’s proceed then by wetting the affected part.


We suggest some washing that we can do comfortably at home and that are a great natural remedy about how to cure acne:

  • Chamomile washing. Let’s boil a cup of water with a teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers or a chamomile bag for about 10 minutes to a covered bowl. We take a gauze and bathe with the solution and then we tampon the affected part.
  • Washing with calendula. Mix in a glass of water and a teaspoon of marigold dye. After obtaining a homogeneous substance, immerse gauze in the solution and buffer the affected part.


Chamomile is an excellent anti-inflammatory and disinfectant right for this is an excellent remedy against acne. In addition to chamomile scrubbing it is very effective a steam bath for the face. We pour into a bowl full of boiling water a handful of chamomile flowers. We approach our face to the basin and with a clean towel we cover the head and the basin and stay in it for about 15 minutes. Once the time has elapsed, apply a toner on the face to close the pores.

Does makeup cause acne
Does makeup cause acne

How to cure acne with lemon:


The skin, in order not to be attacked by bacterial agents, must necessarily maintain a very high pH Ph. A good help to improve acne and counteract it may be the use of lemon. Our dear lemon does not only combat influences but also acne. Of course it is a precious manna that many have in their garden trees or that they buy with few Euros but detoxify the body in no time!


Its acidity abstruse the pores and dry impurities with immediate effect. We can apply lemon juice directly to the pumice with a cotton swab but, if the application is too irritating, we can squeeze the lemon in a bowl with water and, with a cotton swab, rub on the irritated face area. Let us act for at least 10 minutes and then rinse with plenty of cold water to remove the odor.

Lemon has beneficial effects on the whole body, so you can safely take it every day, for lunch and dinner, drinking it with water. The toxins will be eliminated and our skin will gain glory. There are obvious improvements in the appearance of the skin after three weeks of intake of lemon, daily. After all, it’s so easy to use natural products to improve our skin, which would be silly not to try!


Lemon stimulates melanocytes to produce antioxidant substances that protect the skin from the action of bacteria. Acid, but extremely sweet with our skin! Citric acid prevents any kind of irritation, so the whole body will benefit from taking lemon, especially in winter when influenza viruses are lurking and the skin loses splendor due to cold action.



Cinnamon and green clay pimples:


Masks can be very helpful in fighting acne. They are generic beauty allies to improve skin, soothe it and make it more clean and free from impurities. The effect of clay is known especially on very fat skins. Cleanses, releases pores and decreases the onset of comedones. Its very thick texture can be annoying at rinsing but its effects will be immediately visible.


Cinnamon also has positive effects on the skin and is indicated for fighting acne. It is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and able to prevent scars, often caused by pimples. The honey, placed in the recipe of the mask we propose you has emollient effects and nourishes the skin. Tea Tree Oil is even an antimycotic, so all of these elements, together, are a real touch for an acne skin.


Caution:  Remember not to use metal spoons to mix the DIY mask since clay can bind to heavy metals and, as a result, become toxic to the body. Let’s look together now, how to get a perfect pimples mask.


For the composition of the mask, we can use the following ingredients: 2 tablespoons of clay, 2 teaspoons of cinnamon, 3 drops of tea tree oil, 3 drops of lavender and enough water. Get a plastic bowl and pour, in the first place, clay and cinnamon. We blend everything up well to create a homogeneous compound and we will incorporate honey and oils. At this point, we can add water. I recommend, avoid adding too much because, since it’s a mask, the texture must be dense and not watery so it can be easily spread. Let’s do it for about 30 minutes until it gets dry and we’ll feel the skin pull. At this point wash your face with plenty of lukewarm water and eliminate it all by helping us with a sponge.


Do not you feel a younger and more rejuvenated skin? Do not you feel a sense of freshness and regeneration? It’s just what you try after applying a clay mask. And it is the most powerful natural anti-acne effect you can get. A more beautiful skin, comes from the perfect mask!


Natural remedies for acne scars:


Let’s tell the truth who of us has never been tempted to crush a pimple? You may be presented at the wrong time, which I know shortly before an appointment or even the day of the degree. Well if you did it you would realize that it is not good to crush a pimple. In fact, the trouble for those who have the vice to squeeze the stomachs is to get the classic acne scars.


If we cannot stop our pulse, a lotion based on calendula is the best remedy to prevent the spread of infection. To prepare a marigold lotion, mix a few drops of mother tincture in the middle of a glass of hot water.


To aid the ripening of the pimples an excellent remedy is a cream at the root of altea. Mix a teaspoon of altea powder with hot water. After obtaining a homogeneous mixture, wipe the cream on the affected part and leave for about 20 minutes. Once the time has elapsed, rinse it with a stronger infusion.


Consolidation Infusion is a great remedy to cure acne scars. This infusion is an excellent detergent and promotes regeneration of the tissue.


Treat acne scars with potato slices:


Raw potato contains sulfur, phosphorus and sodium that stimulate the production of collagen and thus improve the tone of the skin and help to create a new epidermal layer, neutralizing dead cells. They are also rich in vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant and improves the skin. Its alkalinity is able to eliminate excess of sebum and this makes it one of the best natural remedies for acne. In addition, it even has an anti-bacterial function to act precisely on the infectious causes of acne.


The potatoes also perform a delicate skin exfoliating action that helps to soothe the scars, helping to rebuild a healthy layer on the skin layer. Who does not have potatoes at home? Well, I would say we all love to eat them and we will love them even more knowing that they can free us from acne and its blemishes. To ensure the benefits of potato on the skin, you must try to apply it raw, as this world does not lose its natural properties.



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