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Is it normal to have menstrual pain during lactation?

Is it normal to have menstrual pain during lactation?

During normal breastfeeding, the idyll of the absence of menstruation and consequently menstrual pain should also give us a break. But that is not always the case. For some women, menstrual pains persist or return during breastfeeding. Breast feeding raises the levels of prolactin, pituitary hormone that stimulates the breast gland to produce milk and acts on the ovaries by blocking the production of estrogen and progesterone and thus preventing the return of the menstrual cycle.
This in theory should mean no menstruation throughout the duration of breastfeeding. But unfortunately sometimes it is not. It may happen that in some women great ovarian production of estrogen and progesterone prevalent on prolactin, thus reactivating both ovulation and the first menstrual cycle after delivery, said capoparto.

menstrual pain during lactation
menstrual pain during lactation

Consequently, experiencing menstrual pains already in the third month of breastfeeding could mean that estrogen and progesterone have reactivated and are acting on the ovaries and on the uterus, causing the annoying pains typical due to the action of these hormones on the tissues.
This means that you may already be in the process of ovulation and it is therefore advisable to have a secure relationship, since a pregnancy after three months of delivery is highly unlikely. But contrary to what is thought of, the return of menstruation should not alarm about the quantity and quality of milk. The flavor of the milk does not change, and remains as precious and nutritious for the baby, so breastfeeding should not be abruptly suspended.


It may also occur that menstruation pains resume but menstruation does not occur. In this case it means that the hormone axis is slowly reactivating but that the production of estrogen and pogesterone is not yet such as to determine menstruation.


If these pains come to each feed, the cause is attributed to your particular sensitivity to the action of oxytocin on the uterus. Oxytocin produced by sucking on the breast causes uterine contractility, the so-called uterus bites. These bites normally hurt the early days of childbirth (especially if it is a caesarean section) and they become more bearable until they become even more pleasing to some women. But physical sensations about breastfeeding are absolutely individual and closely dependent on physical characteristics and personal emotional experience.


If pain is an obstacle to a peaceful nursing, natural remedies include warm baths, massages, hot bag wraps or acupuncture.


Pharmacological remedies can in any case be tachypirine at the need, after medical consultation.


All the authors agree that menstruation is not a pathology, indeed, through them the woman becomes a propulsion of life. No exact cause of these ailments has yet been identified, but every woman, listening to the signs of her body, can easily find what she needs and the way to go to benefit her.


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