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What Are The Causes Of Headache After Sex

What Are The Causes Of Headache After Sex

Headaches after having intimate relationships can be very frequent in some people. This alteration is known as orgasm headache or sexual headache, since these discomforts appear after having an orgasm, although they can also occur before and during the sexual act.

Migraine can cause discomfort not only in the head, but also in the neck and even in the jaw. The pain can vary in intensity and, in many cases, depends on the degree of excitement that is experienced, although the headache after sex often appears suddenly, intensely and prolonged.

So far no physical, chemical or biological origin of this disorder is known, but it can be attributed to a rapid increase in intrathoracic pressure that causes a reduction of venous return from the brain and produces an increase in intracranial pressure.

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headache after sex
headache after sex

Muscular origin coital headache

While it is true that having sex relaxes and removes stress, it can also happen that causes some muscular discomfort, either by a bad position, strength or simply by excitement.

That is why one of the causes of headaches after sex may be due to severe muscle contractures. For this reason, always look for comfortable positions for both and, if one is not completely comfortable, you should not maintain the position for a long period of time.

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Severe headache after lovemaking of vascular origin

Not having a correct blood pressure can have numerous effects on the body. Among the most common symptoms of not having adequate blood pressure is headaches, which can be another cause of sexual migraine.

Pressure changes can damage the lining of blood vessels, causing the arteries to harden and narrow, so the limited blood flow could harm people in various ways, for example, causing headaches.

Why does my head hurt when having sex? The excitement

People go through different sensations during sex. While almost everyone experiences great pleasure, mainly during orgasms, there are some cases in which only brings discomfort.

In such situations, simple sexual arousal can be a cause of headache after intimate relationships. Generally, the intensity of the pain that people feel in this case depends exclusively on the level of arousal achieved.

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Cerebral haemorrhage

Although having headaches after having sexual intercourse is mostly due to not very important causes, there are other reasons that can mean a risk to health that should be treated as soon as possible.

Although many may not believe it, when you experience strong migraines after sex it may be because the person is going through a hemorrhage or stroke. For these cases it is important to take into account if there are other symptoms to go immediately with a professional. Some of these symptoms may be the inability to speak normally or the lack of motor control.

Headaches when you have sex due to low blood pressure

Having sex is considered a type of physical exercise, so it will often cause an effect similar to the one that appears after having performed a sport. For example, if a person exercises on a hot day and does not drink enough or does not take adequate safety measures, the pressure may drop or he may suffer other disorders.

It is for the above that another cause of sexual migraine may be low blood pressure. If a person does not have a very good physical condition, the day is hot or it is in a place with little ventilation practicing intimate relationships, it is possible that it will lower the pressure after this and that it causes headaches.

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