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Why My Chest Hurts When I Swallow

Why my chest hurts when I swallow

Why My Chest Hurts When I Swallow Swallowing is the process we use to swallow the food we eat. In some circumstances, this natural act can become a painful situation. Dysphagia may be the answer to the question “why my chest hurts when I swallow”.     In this article, …

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What Are Enalapril Side Effects and How Much Should I Take?

Enalapril Side Effects

Enalapril Side Effects Different types of medications are used to treat high blood pressure. Among them, there are some called ACE inhibitors or Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors. These, as the name implies, prevent the enzyme from doing its job, which is to transform angiotensin I into angiontensin II. For its …

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What Are Causes of Black Spots In Vision?

Black Spots In Vision

Black Spots In Vision Flying flies are small dots of dark color that appear in the view, the dots can actually have several shapes, whether they look like lines, circles or have an abstract and confused shape. The resemblance between them is that they all seem to move as if …

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Water In The Lungs: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Water in lungs

Water In The Lungs: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment The accumulation of water or abnormal fluid in the lungs is a condition that is medically called pulmonary edema. Causes a difficulty in breathing and is a medical emergency when it occurs suddenly, because not treat it urgently can lead to serious …

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How To Stop Drooling While Sleeping?

How To Stop Drooling While Sleeping

How To Stop Drooling While Sleeping? When night comes and you must rest to recover the strength and energy spent during the day is one of the most important moments, as it is essential to be in excellent condition and face all the tasks that play again the next day. …

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Burning Sensation in Head: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

burning sensation in head

Burning Sensation in Head: The burning sensation in head can be caused by different reasons or conditions of your health, from a transient disorder in your scalp to an initial symptom that you are developing a disease or a more serious health problem. For this reason, it is important that you examine …

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Feeling of Fainting While Sleeping

Feeling of Fainting While Sleeping

Feeling of Fainting While Sleeping Sleeping well is the great secret to having a good quality of life. By sleeping at least eight hours a day and having a quality sleep, in addition to getting adequate rest, we contribute to improving the functioning of metabolism and prevent chronic diseases. However, …

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Cold Sores in Pregnancy: Risks, Causes and Treatment

Cold Sores in Pregnancy

Cold Sores in Pregnancy: Risks, Causes and Treatment The herpes virus is very contagious, being herpes simplex type 1 the most common, which causes the so-called cold sore or labial fire, whose symptom is the presence of ulcers or blisters on the lips or around them.     Having this …

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How to Get Rid of Yellow Tongue? Causes and Symptoms

yellow tongue

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Tongue? Have you noticed that your tongue has yellow spots and a change of coloration in that area? Depending on our habits and what we consume, it is possible that there are certain alterations in the mouth that give way to the yellow tongue. …

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How to Stop Itchy Feet At Night? Effective Methods

home remedies for itchy feet at night

How to Stop Itchy Feet At Night? The sensation of nocturnal stinging of the feet is a discomfort known to many people, some of whom suffer it daily or repeatedly. This burning perception can prevent complete and satisfactory rest and if it recurs every night or often it may lead …

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Itching in The Body, Main Causes and What can it be?

itching on the body

Itching in The Body Itching, just like pain, is nothing more than a reaction of our body to something external and strange that came into contact with the skin, it is a warning to the body that something is wrong. Usually itching is commonplace and does not indicate anything serious, …

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