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Herpes During Pregnancy : Treat it with natural remedies

Herpes During Pregnancy : Treat it with natural remedies


When you expect a child to contract some diseases, this is often not a dangerous thing but just annoying. Herpes during pregnancy is one of these. Today we will give you some useful advice to cure it with natural remedies.


What is herpes?

Herpes, once contracted, is never completely eliminated by our body, but it nests inside our body, and then returns to manifest itself in case of low immune defenses. This can happen in a period of severe stress or when we are affected, in concomitance with other illnesses, or when we are taking immunodepressors. Not all those who have had herpes once develop new episodes of this infection.

herpes during pregnancy
herpes during pregnancy

Herpes in pregnancy:


During pregnancy there is a physiological lowering of immune defenses. This is because the defenses have to be more tolerant and allow the woman to accommodate the child within her, without the risk of rejection. Herpes during pregnancy is not a dangerous disorder, either for the mother or for the baby, when it only affects lips and mouths. But there are other types, such as genital herpes or herpes zoster.

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It is very easy for a woman waiting for a child to contract cold sores, sometimes called a “fever on the lips”. Cold sores are usually contracted when, during the nine months of gestation, the mother has a lowering of immune defenses. Herpes is an infection caused by Herpes Simplex Virus 1, a very common pathogenic agent.



Herpes zoster, also known as “Sant’Antonio’s Fire”, manifests itself with vesicles similar to those of the varicella, usually on the chest. The feeling that it is provoking is burning, but in the case of pregnancy, the risk of infection in the unborn is nil because the fetus is protected by antibodies transmitted by the mother.


How to prevent from herpes during pregnancy?

Nutrition plays a very important role in the prevention of herpes. In fact, you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and foods with high vitamin C, magnesium and iron content, will help you provide your body with the necessary dose of screen substances for infections or illnesses. Instead, avoid very elaborate foods such as sausages.


How to recognize herpes during pregnancy?

Larynx herpes is recognized by an annoying tingling or tension to the lip, followed by burning. Then it shows with vesicles and crusts. Once dried, yellow cranberries may persist for about ten days and go away individually. It is important to cure it as soon as possible to prevent spreading to other areas of the body, such as the genitals. Fortunately genital herpes is much rarer. Both infections, cold sores and genital herpes can occur by contagion when a direct contact with the injuries of a person with this disease occurs. Genital herpes, though present, can be transmitted to the fetus during delivery, causing various problems. In the latter case, the advice is to go to your gynecologist to take the best and most effective treatment. In the case of genital herpes near childbirth, the risk of contagion is very high, about 85%. In addition, the consequences may include infections spread across various organs. The mortality rate in these cases is very high. If such a situation occurs, caesarean sex is practiced.

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Heal herpes with natural remedies:

Pregnant women should avoid oral medications, so as not to cause the child to have trouble. Hence, herpes treatment should only take place through anti-viral, anti-inflammatory or anesthetic action ointments or patches.


Otherwise, there are valid natural remedies that can help you solve the herpes problem. Alcohol, for example, if applied to the vesicles, with a cotton swab or a cotton fleece, several times a day, will make your herpes dry before.

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