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How Can Natural Progesterone Improve Your Well-being?

How Can Natural Progesterone Improve Your Well-being?

Progesterone is a female steroid hormone produced in the ovary from puberty. This hormone is associated with the preparation of both the uterus for fertilization and the preparation of the mammary glands for breastfeeding.



In addition, it increases the degree of activity of the cells lining the uterine wall, accentuating the thickening of the endometrium and causing it to be intensely irrigated by blood vessels, leaving the uterus ready for pregnancy.


Natural Progesterone
Natural Progesterone

Progesterone is a very important hormone because it acts in all the physical and emotional state of the woman, and especially essential in the preparation and maintenance of the pregnancy. When the amount of progesterone in the blood is low in the early stage of pregnancy, it is recommended to supplement the hormone so that an abortion does not occur.



Progesterone also has the function of inhibiting contractions of the uterus. This prevents the expulsion of the developing embryo or fetus.



Progesterone РEstrogen

During the menopause, the woman stops ovulating, and with the brutal fall in progesterone levels the estrogen becomes too active, allowing even greater water and sodium intake into the cells. Hence comes water retention, weight gain and all subsequent undesirable symptoms.



When this imbalance happens, progesterone needs to re-act in the female organism, to neutralize the effects of estrogen.


When this hormone is restored to proper levels, the woman feels good again, due to the elimination of the menopausal symptoms.


Effects of Low Levels of Progesterone:

Do you usually take the blood test to measure the level of progesterone?


Hormonal imbalance, too much estrogen and too little progesterone circulating through the body, can generate some symptoms. Are they:


Bioidentical Natural Progesterone:

The bioidentical hormone cream is used to balance the body’s natural hormones. Bioidentical Hormones are hormones manipulated according to the tests requested by your doctor, and are identical to your natural hormone.


Benefits of Natural Progesterone:

It is observed that the use of natural progesterone improves the skin, hair, libido, and helps in recovery of mental concentration. Another important factor is that hormone replacement can help you get rid of excess weight simply by combining the use with a healthy diet. The hormone acts by fighting irritability, abdominal pains and cramps to migraine and even depression. Women with postpartum depression found in natural progesterone the relief for the various symptoms caused by the hormonal alteration so common in these cases. Men can also make use of natural progesterone that fights and prevents some types of cancer, and is also effective in treating baldness and acne.

Contraindication of Replacement with Natural Progesterone
Although natural progesterone offers numerous advantages for hormone replacement therapy, there are some cases where its use should be restricted or avoided: uterine bleeding from tumors, breast tumor cases, suspected pregnancy, breastfeeding, diabetes, liver diseases.



Talk to your doctor about the possibility of making a replacement with natural progesterone, it can make a lot of difference in your quality of life.


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