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How Long Can A Person Be In A Coma?

How Long Can A Person Be In A Coma?

Having a loved one in a coma is a drama that plagues many families. According to the UK National Health Service , coma can be characterized as an unconscious state in which the individual cannot be agreed upon. Its causes are diverse: a person can go into a coma if he or she suffers from a brain injury such as a stroke, a heart attack, or even an excess of alcohol. But, after all, how long can a person be in a coma? Find out how!

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How long can a person be in a coma?

There is no deadline for the coma. Also according to the UK National Health Service, this state can last from a few weeks to many years. Therefore, it is impossible to determine how long a person can stay in a vegetative state.

Does deep eating have a cure?

It is important to note that coma is not a disease in itself, but a condition caused by another disease (usually some disease linked to the brain). In this way, it is impossible to speak of “cure” for the coma. According to a study published in the Journal of Medicine of the University of São Paulo [2], the most important is, firstly, to observe the patient’s level of consciousness, his respiratory pattern, whether or not his pupil responds to light stimuli, if the eyes move, motor response, etc.

How to get into a coma?

To enter a coma in an unnatural way, a medical intervention must be done: it is the so-called induced coma. The induced coma is caused by the injection of drugs that decrease the activity of the body, leaving the brain unconscious. It is a kind of “forced rest.”

What is the difference between coma and induced coma?

Coma occurs naturally, that is, the reduction of brain activity is caused by a force of nature (such as a heart attack, stroke, etc.). In the induced coma, doctors themselves, using a specific medication, put patients in a coma if it is the best alternative to recover from some type of injury.

How does the person become in a coma?

Those in coma have a variable behavior, although they have reduced brain activity. According to researcher Adrian Owen of Western Ontario University, in an interview published in the BBC Brazil [4], it is possible that people in coma:

  • They produce sounds;
  • They smiled;
  • Chorem;
  • Move your eyes, etc.

However, in general coma patients do not respond to external stimuli.

Coma exit signs

According to the UK National Health Service, some signs of a patient coming out of a coma are eye opening, verbal responses to commands (ranging from “yes” or “no” to complete complex sentences), and voluntary movements in response to commands (e.g. “raise your hand”, etc.).

It is often necessary for patients in coma to be in the ICU. And how long can a person stay in the ICU? Again, there is no deadline – it is up to the doctor to evaluate the patient’s condition to see if he or she is fit to leave the ICU or not.

How long has a person been in a coma?

The record of maximum time in coma belongs to the North American Elaine Esposito, who according to the New Journal [6] spent thirty-seven years in a coma. The six-year-old girl underwent an appendicitis surgery and never again woke up from general anesthesia.

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