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How Long Does Heartburn Last? Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

How Long Does Heartburn Last?

Heartburn is a feeling in which an individual suffer from pain, warmth or heat starting from the upper abdomen and lower breastbone. The sense of burning is very discomforting and spread to the throat and gives a sour taste in the mouth. It is often referred as indigestion, sour stomach or pyrosis. Do not get confuse with the term heartburn, because it is not something related to the problems associated with heat.
The problems get worse with time. You may experience difficulty in swallowing, feel bloated nausea and burps. Many people ask that how long heart burns last. Then the condition may vary. It may last up to 1 hour or longer. The problem also causes discomfort in sleep, and you may experience a chronic cough, asthma or choking. It gets worse if an individual eats spicy food, or lie down. It is better to sit or stand in the heartburn. Almost everyone and anyone can suffer from heartburn. In it frequently found in teenagers and adults.

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How long does heartburn last
How long does heartburn last


How long does heartburn last? Is it heartburn or something else?

Heartburn is similar to the gastroesophageal disease. There are many conditions which would cause the burning feeling in the chest. If you consult your doctor about the heartburn, then the doctor will be identifying the reasons behind the heartburn. There are nine other conditions which may often cause pain.


Heart disease Angina

It is a condition in which pain is brought about in the chest due to the lack of blood flow. It feels like heartburn. You suffer from this condition while performing a moderate activity or strenuous. If you have not experienced such pain before then most probably you are suffering from Angina. There are risks that you may develop the signs of diabetes, hypertension or any heart disease.




How long does heartburn last is not the question? You must need to identify the symptoms behind it because gallstone is a related condition without any sign. A small stone blocks the bile duct, which hurts in the upper right side of the abdomen. The pain is dull, sharp and cramping. The pain strikes when you eat something or make jarring movements. If you experience pain after eating then, you are suffering from gallstones.



Stomach ulcer

It is very common and gives a burning sensation. You may experience a stomach usually in the abdomen. The pain slowly goes in the chest and to the throat. The medicines of acid may relieve the pain from bacteria and soothes the in flames in the stomach. You also need to take antibiotics to make the germs or infection.

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Hiatal hernia

In this condition, the upper portion of stomach pokes along with the diaphragm into the chest. The burning sensation remains in the abdominal cavity and pushes the food down while the acid of the stomach in the upward direction which becomes the reason of heartburn. The other symptoms of heartburn include nausea, belching, and chest pain. The doctor will prescribe the acid-suppressing medicines and recommend you to take small meals without any spice.


In severe conditions, you may need to go through the surgical repair.



If you are unable to control diabetes then the situation will damage the nerve and severely affects the digestive tract. This is known as gastroparesis in which the food in the stomach causes the heartburn. The treatment involves the change in diets such as taking more fluids, fresh juices and smaller meals. The doctor will advise avoiding taking fats, fiber or any medications.
In the severe cases, the feeding tube is implanted which mimics the contractions of the stomach.



Home Treatment of HeartBurn

If you often suffer from heartburn, then you can cure it at home. It is good to consult the doctor because it may damage the esophagus and may cause severe disease with time. It is wise to change the eating habits to prevent the heartburn. Following are the tips which you need to consider \avoid foods and drinks which trigger the heartburn such as

  1. Caffeine
  2. Chocolate
  3. Peppermint
  4. Fatty foods
  5. Full-fat dairy products
  6. Tomato sauces
  7. Citrus fruits
  8. Carbonated drinks
  9. Alcohol


Now change the eating habits such as

  1. Avoid lying down after eating.
  2. Do not exercise right after having your lunch or dinner.
  3. Do not eat before going to bed.
  4. Take smaller meals and drink lots of water.
  5. Do not wear tight clothes or belts
  6. Do not snug fitting straps around the waist
  7. Lose weight if you lie in the category of overweight or obesity
  8. Do not put pressure on your stomach right after eating
  9. Stop smoking right after eating
  10. Engage yourself in activities like yoga, meditation, and exercises
  11. Sleep by keeping your head high
heartburn causes
heartburn causes


When to contact medical professional

Do seek the medical help if you suffer from vomit containing blood or if the vomit looks like the coffee ground or the stools are entirely black in color. You may experience burning feeling when the pressure input on your chest. Sometimes people may often think that they are suffering from a heart attack instead of heartburn.

  1. You need immediate treatment if you have lost weight which you do not need to lose.
  2. You will experience trouble while eating or swallowing.
  3. You suffer from heartburn or pain often.
  4. You feel pain while coughing or sneezing.



The symptoms will get worse with the passage of time. The doctor may require some additional tests or advise you the medications which will soothe the pain. The heartburn is easy to diagnose but often it gets worse and leads to severe conditions. It can be diagnosed with the symptoms so never confuse the symptom of heartburn with the stomach problem.
Do not wait that how long heart burns last. You must seek the help of medical professional as soon as possible. You will feel that there is some lump present in the throat which won’t let you eat properly and result in immediate weight loss.

Do not take medicines on your own.


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