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How Many Calories In A Banana?

How Many Calories In A Banana?

We are accustomed to hearing that the fruit is very healthy for health because it does not get fat. Really any piece of fruit, if eaten in excess, can become fat.

We know that the amount of calories an adult should eat ranges from 2000-3000 Kcal per day. In addition, the experts assure us that it is convenient to eat a daily piece that give us the amount of recommended calories without going over the figures we have seen previously.


So, what are the calories in a bannana?

According to the caloric table, we can find that the banana contributes to our body, approximately, an average of 85 Kcal for every 100 grams of this fruit that consumes. This is almost twice as much as other fruits, such as the traditional apple.


The importance of the size of the piece of fruit when counting calories banana


As we have already seen, the value we have given corresponds exactly to 100 grams of banana. What we have to check is how much exactly a banana weighs; the idea is not to have to cut banana pieces until reaching 100 grams.


A large banana has approximately a total weight of about 200 grams. So the calculation could not be simpler. The amount of kilo calories that can have a banana is of 2 × 85 = 180Kcal. So yes, it is good for us to eat one piece of banana a day (even two) as long as we control that the rest of the meals do not make us spend the amount of daily calories recommended.

how many calories in a banana
how many calories in a banana

The importance of sugar in the banana

Experts say that sugar is an element that can be harmful to certain people … and for all if it is taken in excess. This has nothing to do with the above, the calories of the banana have been defined in the points that we have already seen before.

In fact, there is no link between the banana and the increase of sugar in our body. In no case will we limit banana consumption for this reason.


In fact, when consumed, the opposite effect occurs. It is able to prevent obesity in addition to other diseases derived from them such as myocardial infarction or hypertension.


So you know, eating banana alone will bring benefits for your body, if that, do it in moderation.

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Benefits of banana:


The benefits of banana are many more than you can imagine, because these have properties that increase energy and concentration: and besides it is a fruit that everybody loves, it can prevent different types of diseases and affections that affect your body and make you feel bad sometimes.


Fight Depression


Bananas are very good for relieving depressive symptoms because they contain a hormone called tryptophan, this one becomes serotonin which many know as the “happiness hormone,” because it can cause the body to relax and the mood to become more cheerful, so their presence is synonymous with happiness, research has recently been carried out showing that some depressed people often change their mood after having eaten a banana.


Eliminate constipation


Many people are unaware that banana is a fiber rich fruit so when you consume it constantly you can make the intestinal functions restored and you can go to the bathroom as often as necessary or on a regular basis.


Of course the use of laxatives is completely eliminated from your life and your body begins to absorb some nutrients that you did not notice before, another of the goodness of the banana  is that it can eliminate the swelling of the body, for this you simply have to eat one banana before each meal and one at breakfast.


Decreases blood pressure


The properties of banana  are always surprising, in this case you probably did not know that you can keep your blood pressure levels at bay, so that patients can live a much healthier life because they have high levels of potassium and a low level in salt, in addition it is necessary to remember that the potassium can balance the presence of the sodium in the body.


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This fruit can avoid suffering a stroke.


  Eliminate the hangover


Banana can have a relaxing effect on the body and when combined with sweeteners like honey can make your blood sugar levels decrease considerably, in addition to moisturize your body.


If you have a hangover and want to feel better you can prepare a banana smotty with different cereals, fruits and even vegetables. Take advantage and sweeten it with a little natural honey and you’ll see how it works in just a few minutes.


  Treatment of ulcers


Many know that ulcers can become a major headache for those who appear and can cause great intestinal disorders, if we talk about the effect that the banana has on the body we can say that its smooth and smooth texture can contribute to the formation of a protective layer in the stomach that can neutralize the acidity caused by this condition.


Combats heartburn


Many foods and drinks can cause heartburn and if you do not have an antacid on hand to deal with your ailments, you can use a banana; because these have great antacid effects on the organism simply eat it and you will feel like your whole body and your stomach react almost immediately to the effects of this wonderful fruit.


Control the nerves


The vitamin B contained in the banana is ideal for the nervous system to have a good functioning, different studies have been carried out where some obese people have stressful work and this is one of the factors that contribute to the continuation of a sedentary lifestyle.


But the fat is because these people look for different foods or junk food there is a way to avoid the pressure of their daily life and this is where the nerves and more serious diseases such as diabetes, among others.


One of the fruits that can avoid the anxiety fight in the banana and also can control the level of sugar in the blood without a doubt is an ideal snack for the mid-afternoon when you feel stressed and start looking for what to eat a banana and relax.


Prevents and fights anemia


The banana is a fruit that is rich in iron and this is necessary for the body because it contributes to the formation and production of hemoglobin in the blood, that is why banana is an ideal food for those seeking to combat anemia.


 Eliminate marks from mosquito bites


No doubt we cannot escape the mosquitoes whenever we want, but the banana offers an ideal alternative to eliminate the swelling and irritation caused by mosquito bites simply rub the inner part of the banana peel or banana over the sting in A few minutes you will not remember that you were bitten.


Regulates body temperature


The body temperature is very important and staying cool makes you feel good about yourself and improve the mood if you want to make your body cooler and at a healthy temperature you can eat a banana  a day for your body to stay cool.


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How many calories does a banana have?


Your body is your temple and you must bring to it the best fruits that provide the best benefits and properties to keep you healthy and healthy; and that is why we have to comment on the benefits and properties of banana to keep your body healthy every day no matter your age, simply enjoy your health.


In addition to the multiple benefits of banana and its many nutrients the fact that it is a caloric fruit can make you want to complete some portions of your diet, we have said before that banana provides 90 calories per 100 grams of fruit.


It is important to mention that the calories are ideal to keep your body energized and the best is the  banana do not have a great source of fat or protein, so your sugars can make you feel better and provide you with a lot of such minerals such as potassium, iron, magnesium and beta-carotene.


As for vitamins, we could say that group B vitamins abound in this fruit, but also folic acid, vitamin E and fiber because this fruit in addition to being very common in Latin American countries and around the world can provide a lot of benefits to your body with its properties.

Antioxidants are very required in the body and in the body, they serve to stop and eliminate the free radicals that are in the body and contribute to the early aging of the cells; that is why the fact that the banana has vitamins A, E and C, can mean a great joy because the body remains vitalized.


Banana is rich in potassium and this characteristic can mean keeping the body’s water balanced to favor the retention of liquid can combat hypertension directly.

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how many calories does a banana have

Which makes the banana fatter?


To start with the distinction of these two fruits must be taken into account that, although they look the same are not the same since each one has different characteristics and different properties, but both are good for the body.

To know the difference between these and which fruit contributes a greater caloric content to the body, we must establish that the only thing that differentiates it is its origin and its morphological characteristics. Both fruits come from the family of musaceae.


We can establish that the banana provides a greater amount of carbohydrates to the body as well as potassium. The best amounts of nutrients are found in the banana, so it can “fatten” faster.


Does the banana get thinner?


Now, one doubt that many people have is about whether the banana slims. This fruit is used to relieve major bodily conditions as we have said above, but some say that it can make fatteners and other people claim that banana is extremely important in dieting diets.


Fighting obesity is becoming more popular among people who previously thought they should accept, now they are looking for a way to change their lifestyle with large diets and that is why they care about their food.


It is important to emphasize that the satiety effect produced by the banana can contribute to the elimination of anxiety and if you are not hungry your body does not get fat. The nutrients found in the banana are absorbed by your body and are filled with energy, vitality and protein.


If you want to carry out a banana based diet, take into account this incredible recipe that could make you lose a couple of kg and have better nutrition in your body.


To begin with, diets are carried out so that you can substitute banana foods and you can lose a certain amount of kg quickly, without exercises or sacrifices that make you feel bad for a long time.


But you must take into account what are the steps to follow and what are the foods that are replaced by bananas to achieve an incredible effect. One of the things to keep in mind is that bananas should be combined very well because the large number of sugars found in them can cause a very heavy digestion.


At breakfast: you need to drink a glass of boiled water that is warm and let your body rest for at least 10 minutes.


Your body should be relaxed, do not eat anything during the course of these 10 minutes and later when you go to lunch you can only eat between 1 or 2 bananas, it depends on your needs and requirements for this diet. The best advice is to eat them until you feel satiated.


For lunch after lunch if you can eat a varied food that you prefer, but it should be healthy.


At lunch: choose the menu that you prefer in case you feel a little bad and you are not satisfied with the bananas.


At mid-afternoon: if you have a little anxiety, you can complete the diet with a banana; Stay away from the desserts, all kinds of cookies and yummy food.


At dinner: you need a menu that you like a lot and you can carry out the above recommendations as far as all the details to carry out the diet.


Important note: if you drink water daily, at least 2 liters of water if you have a physical activity, but in case you lead a sedentary life takes at least 1 liter per day.


Eat banana at night fattening?


Once we have taken a look at the different characteristics and customs of bananas, we have come to the conclusion that bananas are not fattening more than any other food, it may even be advisable to eat them because it is a food rich in nutrients and minerals.


It is important to take into account that, this fruit has a lot of sugars and the body is not designed to make a good digestion of carbohydrates at night, it has always been recommended to eat this type of food until 5 pm but in case you do not follow this lifestyle or worry, you can eat banana.

How many calories does a green banana have?

how many calories does a banana have
how many calories does a banana have

The banana is one of those foods that serve for all kinds of occasions, in addition to that can also serve to complement a breakfast, lunch, the best of it is that it can be used in different ways to cook.


In this case when talking about the green banana we speak of a yellow banana that has not yet been ripened. It is one of the modalities of the banana that is better to ingest when it is cooked, boiled or generally fried. It is recognized for having a large amount of fiber, minerals and a specific amount of starch that is suitable for controlling blood sugar and balance in weight.


The total calories that have a green banana better known also as topocho reaches a total of 122 calories, 0 fats, nor monounsaturated. The way you eat it will vary according to your choice.


How many calories a cooked banana gives?


There is a popular belief that the way you prepare bananas will directly influence the amount of calories you have, in this sense a cooked banana retains about 276 calories and a total of 1155 kj, 1.87 proteins in grams, carbohydrates 74, 3g, do not have an exaggerated number of sugar just 33.38 g.


How many calories does a male banana have?


On the other hand you also have the so-called male bananas, which are a potential source of potassium and other vitamins like A, C, B-6, but will come with some disadvantages such as being starchy vegetables, so they must be added to counting from carbohydrates to different menus.


Unlike the other bananas these you must prepare and cook them properly, in this sense a male banana has about 181 calories. When they are fried, the amount of their calories doubles and you can find in a banana with a total of 365 calories. Something important to consider is that calories are not the only thing that increase but so do carbohydrates.


Keep in mind that banana fritters are usually sold as sandwiches in several stores and are ideal for snacks. So that you have an idea when eating bananas in this mode take into account 18 g of carbohydrates 8 g of fat from a portion of 1 ounce, that is to say 28 grams. In short, a 4-ounce bag oscillates around more than 600 calories.


How many calories does a ripe banana have?


Now if we talk about yellow banana or rather boiled ripe banana you can find about 275 calories, less than the rest, with a major factor in sodium content of 588mg, potassium 1,109mg, total carbohydrates 74g, dietary fiber 6g, and sugars 33g.


As you can see there are many ways to prepare banana and especially take advantage of how it is, see which adapts to what you need and use it to your favor in your diet that does incorporate a logical range so you do not abuse this and not be harmful.

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