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How Many Calories In An Apple?

How Many Calories In An Apple?

Have you ever wondered how many calories in an apple? If the answer is positive, then find a practical and timely feedback to this common question. If the answer is negative then we can encourage you to run to the shelter.

Together with banana and orange, it is the most consumed fruit in the world. Crispy, juicy and light, an apple is a great snack because it contains only about 70-80 calories. Here are 6 more reasons to eat, as is recommended for centuries, an apple a day. Always with the skin, because vitamins and polyphenols are present in this part of the fruit to a degree three times greater than the pulp!

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how many calories in an apple
how many calories in an apple

It extends life.

From an Australian research conducted over a 15-year-old over a group of over 70 women, it turns out that those who eat an apple a day have a 35% risk of dying lower than those who do not eat at all. “Apples make a significant contribution to dietary factors considered important to health: dietary fiber (pulp), flavonoids (peel), vitamin C, potassium and magnesium,” writes Jonathan Hodgson, author of the research.


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Less cardiovascular disorders.

As reported by a University of Michigan study published on Jama Internal Medicine that involved 8399 people eating an apple a day, it also provides a lower incidence of serious illness, such as cardiovascular disease.


It lowers the risk of tumors.

According to some researchers at the Istituto Tumori in Genoa, Aviano, Pascale, Naples, Regina Elena, Rome, Mario Negri and the Cancer Research Agency, who regularly consumes apples, there is a risk of reduced 21% tumor for oral cancer, 25% for esophageal cancer, 20% for rectal cancer, 18% for breast cancer, 15% for ovarian cancer and 9% for cancer of the oral cavity that of the prostate.

Keeps cholesterol and blood glucose under control.

Polyphenols are not the only beneficial components found in apples: this fruit is rich in vitamin C, fructose and pectin, which positively regulates the relationship between good HDL and bad LDL cholesterol. The apple, in addition, containing pectin and soluble fibers, is able to control glucose in the blood avoiding glycemic swings.

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It counteracts gastro-enteritis in children.

A child with mild gastroenteritis often needs a rehydration process. A beverage based on diluted apple juice helps to reach the goal. It is a Calgary University study that: “In children treated with diluted apple juice, fewer therapeutic failures were observed than those observed in those who were treated with the usual electrolytic solutions, with respective percentages of 17% and 25% ».

It is purifying.

From within, but also topically. Green apple is a perfect ingredient to prepare astringent masks. In fact, its pulp has refreshing properties and is ideal for treating mixed or unclean skin, without causing dryness or feeling of skin pulling. How to: whip or grate a green apple, join it with a jar of white yogurt and leave it on the face and decollete.

NB. Yes to the skin! The skin contains: most of the fibers important for the regularity of our intestines; most vitamins; quercetin, an antioxidant that relieves respiratory problems, protects memory and fights brain tissue damage; ursolic acid, a powerful fat burner.

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