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How Much Weight Can You Lose in 2 Weeks?

How Much Weight Can You Lose in 2 Weeks?


First of all, it’s good to say yes, this is possible!

But the biggest difficulty is whether this will last or not. And I have some important news to tell you: you can lose weight significantly every week a little more, and without the famous accordion effect.
It is estimated that without too much food sacrifice, it is possible to lose at least 2kg a week, and a maximum of 8kg, which can vary from people to people and from training to training.


You need, for this to happen, to understand the strategies that enable this type of weight loss.

how much weight can you lose in 2 weeks
how much weight can you lose in 2 weeks


How to Create a Good Strategy?

I often say that losing weight is a training that requires time, discipline and intelligence.
Training is necessary because weight loss is a daily process, you need to give consistency.
So you use the discipline to maintain consistency. But the most crucial and important point in this process is intelligence, because intelligence will enable you to understand your body, your needs, and build an effective strategy.
For many years, a restrictive dietary method has been developed for overweight people, but today these methods have failed, causing many patients to suffer permanent or temporary health damage.
But to understand why this diet is falling into disuse by the world’s nutrition society, it is good that you know how this type of diet works.
In theory, this diet aims to reduce calorie consumption by cutting out too much food, making the body feel weak and weak, and may not resume its former functionality.
In this case, this diet is called a restrictive diet. This diet is very thin, however, it detonates the body in its majority.
However, thinking of replacing this diet, scientists from around the world have teamed up to create an innovative diet that is able to lose weight, but at the same time maintain the body’s excellent function.
Hence, an innovative and effective method has emerged which I will explain throughout this short article.


The feeding:

The key to success in weight loss has always been an excellent food base, a good diet. This is nothing new to anyone.


Good nutrition is able to by itself, reduce scale numbers quickly, you know?
I believe so. But what is important to emphasize is that if you eat well, you do not eat a little, or you eat whole and bad foods, but rather eat a lot of healthy and delicious things.
By following this method you need to reduce the consumption of processed foods, alcoholic beverages, fast-foods, sweets, foods rich in trans fats, soft drinks and other sugary drinks.
Concentrate on your food, eat unprocessed food. Always avoid eating things that have been industrialized. Opt for the egg, the meat, the fish, the chicken. Avoid some seasoning.
Eat until you feel satiated, eat looking at food and feeling the taste of what is healthy and will change your food life.
But, that’s not all yet, it’s good for you to implement your food basis with a good workout routine. Below I will pass some good ones.


Work out:

The most efficient exercises are the intervals and with high muscular intensity. In general, opt for the exercises that force you to exercise all your muscles.
Some examples: Bicycle, Treadmill, outdoor walks, running on the beach. Among several others.


Change Yourself:

Throw away once for all the old habits that hindered your life until then, except the habits that vitiated your body to the cellular ruins.


Final considerations…

The question may still linger, how can I lose weight in a week? You probably do not know where to start, other than the tips in this article that may already help you, it is important to hear the voice of the experience, people who lead a life to change the health, for the better, of other people.
Thinking of this I will recommend some experts in the subject, so you do not do a job in vain. And yes, you can definitely lose weight.

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