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How to clear congestion of nose in less than a minute

How to clear congestion of nose in less than a minute

Nasal congestion is a discomfort that occurs when the mucous membranes of the nose become inflamed as a result of the presence of germs and allergens. It is triggered for various reasons and is usually so annoying that it prevents many from carrying out their daily activities with normality.


Often nasal congestion is a symptom indicating that you are near to suffering from flu, cold or other illnesses. It can also be caused by some allergy, climate change or pollution. Whatever the cause of nasal congestion, most people experience discomfort when they suffer because it prevents normal breathing and can even cause severe headaches.

how to clear congestion
how to clear congestion

What are the main causes of congestion or nasal secretion?

As mentioned above, nasal congestion is a common symptom of colds, flu or allergies. It is very important to consider what type of cause you are to act and find the best remedy to combat it.


  • Cold: Cold is one of the main causes of nasal congestion. When you suffer from colds, you begin to feel an irritation in the nose and it is common to sneeze at 5-minute intervals.
  • Allergies: Many people have different types of allergy that produce frequent nasal congestion. There are those who are allergic to plaster, pollen, dust or animal hair. This type of congestion arises because the lungs are trying to close themselves as a defense method in front of agents they consider dangerous. Even in this case, sneezing can be considered to understand whether it is an allergy or other disorder.
  • Climate change: Due to abrupt climatic changes, defenses may fall or some type of allergy may be produced. So, nasal congestion may appear even after an air stream.


Depending on the type of cause of nasal congestion you have to start looking for the right way to fight it. As far as possible you have to fight the cause to completely eliminate the symptom. However, since we know it is very difficult to completely disfigure, we want to share with you an alternative to say goodbye to this troublesome symptom in just one minute.


Having discovered this excellent alternative to fight nasal congestion you will no longer want to use medication to solve this problem. It is an easy, healthy, and very effective solution to combat nasal secretion problems.


How to fight nasal congestion in one minute?


Although it seems incredible to be able to treat nasal congestion in just one minute, the certainty is that it is possible through an acupressure technique of traditional Chinese medicine. This simple technique is ideal for relieving different types of pain, as well as having the ability to release the nostrils.


Acupressure is a very effective technique that involves exercising pressure on certain points of the body with the tip of your fingers by pressing on the area and releasing. You should use it three times a day.

Pressure point 1. Ear lobe: gently massaged 10 times.

Pressure point 2. Behind the ear lobe, at the bottom, just below the cartilage: press and release 10 times without exerting any direct pressure on the cartilage.

Pressure 3. Over the bridge of the nose, just between the eyebrows: exert a slight pressure on this face area for a minute. This particular point is ideal to prevent the paranasal sinuses from sinking and inflaming.

Pressure 4. Under the cheeks, at the point directly below the pupil of the eye: in this area of the face press up and then leave. This pressure point helps to release paranasal sinuses to combat congestion.

Pressure point 5. Bottom of the nostrils: positioning the tip of the fingers at the bottom of the nostrils push slightly with a rotating movement and repeat for 10 consecutive times.


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