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How To Get Rid of a Swollen Lip? Causes and Symptoms

How To Get Rid of a Swollen Lip?

It will happen that you wake up in the morning and notice that you suddenly have your lips swollen: this condition can occur for both the lower lip and the upper lip. We will analyze together the causes of swollen lip problem and remedies on how to “deflate” it.


What is the swollen lip?

Swollen lips (commonly known as “Labia Edema”) are a common condition that occurs with an enlarged upper or lower lips (in severe cases, both simultaneously), usually caused by excessive fluid accumulation inside the lips themselves or by an inflammation that originates inside the lips. Swollen lips may appear in degrees of gravity and have different signs and symptoms: the causes of burns are due to excessive exposure to alone or an insect bite, or, more commonly, the consequences of a bad fall ; However, when this occurs in the absence of these causes, suddenly, it may be due to a food allergy or unknown drugs, and it is therefore advisable to consult a specialist.

How to reduce lip swollen
How to reduce lip swollen


The causes of swollen lip:

As we have briefly mentioned, the underlying causes of this disorder are several of the most common: allergic reactions, whose swollen lip has always been a “symbol”; usually for an allergic person is enough to contact an allergen to cause edema, so we recommend that you pay particular attention if you are in this category (many times allergy tests are carried out just by contacting the lips in the clinic) . Other causes, albeit less common, are: traumas such as falls, cuts or abrasions; water retention, especially in pregnant women and overweight persons; a malfunction of the kidneys or the heart, causing an imbalance in the distribution of liquids in the body.


The symptoms of the swollen lip:

Banally, the only visible symptom of this condition is the swelling of the lip. In any case, this swelling may be accompanied by other signs indicating gravity: usually, if the cause is an infection, high fever and redness appear; then bubbles scattered throughout the body may appear, the lips, in addition to swelling, crawl and take on a purple color; common headache, swelling, which also manifests itself in the eyelids and nasal congestion.



Complications that may arise:

Lip gloss can result in several complications, usually associated with the triggered cause. Damage, then, if caused by serious illnesses and if not taken with the right timing can be irreparable. For this reason, we advise you to contact a doctor as soon as possible if this condition is present. Your doctor will give you a care plan to ward off damage and complications, which you will have to follow meticulously. Among the most common complications we find:


how to get rid of a swollen lip
how to get rid of a swollen lip

How to reduce lip swollen:

Care for this condition depends, of course, on the triggering cause: in case of trauma, as a fall, it is advisable to apply ice as soon as possible to the affected area in order to deflate it; If you have an allergic reaction, you should take antihistamines and in case of any improvement, consult your doctor. in the event of an infection, however, it is compulsory to consult a specialist who will indicate the appropriate treatment path to your condition; If the problem is triggered by a serious disease such as a tumor , a dermatitis, the advice is always to ask a specialist and not ignore the problem by burning it as trivial.


Natural remedies against the swollen lip. There are several “DIY” remedies designed to reduce the swelling of the lips. Let’s see the most common:

The cold water or ice pack is very useful, especially if the lip swells because of a piercing. Treatment is simple: apply ice (wrapped in a piece) on the swelling for ten minutes, detach for ten minutes, then repeat. It is important not to apply ice directly to your lips, it may worsen things.Thanks to its anti-inflammatory power, aloe vera is another of the most commonly used remedies, it is usually effective to reduce pain and swelling. It is particularly used when the causes are identified in insect bites or slight allergic reactions. Usually, the aloe gel is applied directly to the affected area and is massaged up to absorption, repeating it for up to two or three times a day.


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