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Wondering How To Get Rid Of Ringworm?

How to Get Rid of  Ringworm?

Ringworm or tinea is basically used to refer to several types of fungal infections that appear on the top layer of your skin, your scalp and even your nails. These fungal infections happen to be contagious and are called ringworm because the area affected happens to be itchy and has a red rash surrounding it. It even has a ring-like appearance however ringworm has no sort of connection with actual worms. According to dermatologists about 20 percent people are likely to suffer from this kind of fungal infection once in a lifetime. Ringworms are classified according to which part of you body gets affected. You may develop this infection on some particular body areas, and if you are wondering how to get rid of ringworm you then need to understand that it depends on which part of the body is actually affected. The most common areas where you are most likely to develop a ringworm are the scalp, the skin, the groin, your nails or your feet.

how to get rid of ringworm
How To Get Rid Of Ringworm


Who are likely to be affected?

Scalp ringworms are common amongst kids who have just reached puberty although there is a chance that adults might also develop one, but it is least likely to happen. Teens living in the cities are likely to develop this infection as there is a higher chance of it spreading. Skin ringworm is common amongst babies, teens, and adults. Usually, people just resort to taking over-the-counter prescriptions and never really consult their doctors about it. Groin infections are also usually treated by over-the-counter prescriptions; these infections are common amongst young men. Everyone wishes to get rid of the infection as quick as possible. Even you might wonder how to get rid of ringworm but what you need to realize is that it is important to understand how you ended up getting one in the first place.


So what usually does cause ringworm?

Well, ringworm is basically caused by fungi, these are similar to plants. However, these are a very peculiar plant to be exact. While other plants use the sunlight to produce food, fungi actually break down tissues from the human body in order to feed themselves. A fungus that infects our skin, or hair or nails is called a  ermatophyte. Keratin is the protein which can be found on our skin, hair and nails and it is this keratin only which attracts this fungus. Plus these fungi are capable of surviving on towels, combs and almost every other household object. This fungus basically spreads through two ways if a human touches you, if an infected animal touches you or if you end up touching objects which are infected. It is likely that you might transmit some of this fungus to some other part of your body as well, if you have an athlete’s foot and if you end up scratching it there is a probability that you might end up developing a groin infection when you go to the toilet or if you are dressing.

You might often wonder how to get rid of ringworm, well it is important to understand that you need first to find out which factor caused you to end up with this infection after all! Factors which actually cause one to suffer from such a case of infection include age, one’s weight you are likely to end up with an infection if you are obese, people with weak immune systems end up with these infections especially people suffering from HIV and AIDS. You are also likely to end up with an infection if you happen to be living with animals that are already infected, people who sweat excessively end up with these infections, sports in which you end up touching the other person also sometimes are the reason to why you are suffering from an infection. This happens as you might be touching someone who is already infected with the infection and lastly people who wear tight clothes despite the weather and the humidity, such people are more prone to end up with an infection.


guide how to get rid of ringworm
guide how to get rid of ringworm


Symptoms of ringworm include:

Symptoms of ringworm include rashes that might appear on top of your skin. You might end up getting numerous rings on your skin or the area infected, and these rings might rise when you touch them. You are bound to feel itchy; it is likely that the skin of that particular area might turn flakey as well. Now the question is how to get rid of ringworm? Well, you need to visit your doctor for that, don’t settle for over-the-counter prescriptions if you see no change in the infected area. Remember if you happen to have a certain medical condition, then it would be a better option to visit your doctor instead of opting for over-the-counter medicines. Remember anti-fungal creams are always not that effective, you might need to take some oral medicines as well. But then again for this, you will need to visit the doctor. Don’t settle for any medicine that your local pharmacist recommends.


What you need to do!

You will need to be tested to make sure what type of fungus you have. You might be extremely impatient and no doubt you would want to find out how to get rid of ringworm, but remember it is better if you wait for the results of your tests to arrive first before you start your treatment. It all depends on how you got the infection, what type of infection it is, it is important to identify which type of fungi is present, etc. once these things are determined it will become a lot easier to diagnose your condition. You’ll be given some oral medicines to take, make sure to inform your physician of any other medical condition you might be suffering from. This way you physician would be able to prescribe you the right medicines. You may also be prescribed some creams to apply onto the affected area, along with some anti-fungal shampoos to treat your scalp infection as well. If your child has a scalp infection, it is better to shave his head! You will need to do a couple of things to make sure you don’t end up with another infection again. Make sure to wash your skin, change your underwear frequently, don’t rub the skin and if you end up with an athlete’s feet then make sure to get treatment for a groin infection as well because it is bound to happen.

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