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How to Get Rid of Toothache at Night: 10 Natural Remedies to Calm the Toothache

How to Get Rid of Toothache at Night:

If you are feeling pain in your teeth and you want to get rid of so must use these 10 natural remedies for calming the toothache:
1. To treat oral hygiene:

In the face of a particularly strong toothache, it is necessary to treat your oral hygiene in an adequate and complete way with dental floss, toothbrush and mouthwash. Sometimes, pain is caused by a high concentration of bacteria on the gums, tongue and teeth. Deleting them will make it more bearable instantly.
2. Parsley :

Parsley is an anti-inflammatory plant and can relieve pain from the teeth. Just chew a clot and repeat the treatment several times a day to get an incredible result. As if that were not enough, he also managed to solve the problem of bad breath.
3. Salt :

Salt is antiseptic and it is painful when it comes from an abscess or an infection caused by the food residue between the teeth. You need to dilute a spoon in the middle of a glass of water before flushing. Just repeat the operation after each meal to relieve the pain quickly.

How to Get Rid of Toothache at Night
How to Get Rid of Toothache at Night

4. Garlic:

Garlic is an anti-inflammatory and natural antibiotic. It is for this reason that it is one of the best ingredients to fight the infections and the aches that come from it. You have to crush a clot and get it out of the juice. The latter must be applied directly on the sore tooth and the surrounding gum.
5. Black Tea:

Black tea has analgesic and anti-inflammatory powers thanks to the high content of tannic acid, a substance capable of calming the pain. Just soak the bag in hot water for a few moments, once it reaches room temperature, you must apply it on the sore tooth. Finally, you can also drink tea obtained to take advantage of its analgesic power.
6. Alcohol:

Food alcohol, the one contained in drinks such as whiskey and rum, is ideal for relieving pain. Taken in small quantities is an antiseptic and kills the bacteria that proliferate in the oral cavity. Just rash a couple of minutes with any super alcoholic drink to get incredible results.


7. Cloves:

Cloves are one of the natural remedies for anxiety and are also useful to relieve pain as they contain eugenol. Just apply one on the bad tooth and keep it in your mouth for a few minutes or add a few drops of your extract to a dose of mouthwash.
8. Lemon Juice:

Lemon is an oral health remedy. It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent properties and fights inflammation. You have to apply your juice to the affected tooth or mix it with some salt to make gargarism.
9. Onion:

Onion juice has incredible antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, capable of curing the pain of the teeth. Simply apply a piece of onion to the tooth and crush it until it releases the juice. In a short time, you will feel better.
10. Oxidized Water:

If the pain is due to an infection and is accompanied by bad breath, the ideal natural remedy is hydrogen peroxide. It must be applied to the tooth with a stained cotton or, alternatively, an oral mouthwash can be prepared by mixing a portion of hydrogen peroxide with three of the water.


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