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How to Get Rid of Yellow Tongue? Causes and Symptoms

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Tongue?

Have you noticed that your tongue has yellow spots and a change of coloration in that area? Depending on our habits and what we consume, it is possible that there are certain alterations in the mouth that give way to the yellow tongue. Food, health problems or hygiene are decisive factors to maintain perfect oral health. So in this article we will read about how to get rid of yellow tongue? its causes and symptoms.



Yellow Tongue: Symptoms

Surely, the most notorious and what we look at most is the yellow color of the tongue. However, there are other symptoms that are usually linked to this condition and that can give us information about what causes behind the yellow tongue and if there is any underlying health problem. So, other of the symptoms linked to the yellow tongue are:

  • Orange or yellow spots.
  • Thicker saliva
  • Dry mouth.
  • Sores or canker sores in the mouth.
  • Halitosis.
  • Sore throat.
  • Hairy tongue and rough to the touch.
  • Fever.


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Yellow Tongue: Causes

We have already talked about the symptoms that may appear along with this oral disorder, however, there are many factors that may influence its appearance. Usually, when the tongue turns yellow it is why the taste buds have become inflamed, which allows the bacteria to adhere on their surface more easily and, as a consequence, this yellow coloration appears or even becomes a fluffy appearance. Here we will talk about the specific causes that can cause the yellow tongue:




Smoking is one of the main causes of the yellow tongue, as well as other discomforts and complications in the health of our mouth. When we smoke, the amount of saliva we get is lower, causing our mouth to dry out and, therefore, the bacteria in our mouth find the perfect means to start reproducing.



Beyond this, the tobacco nicotine itself can stain the papillae, teeth and mouth, especially in those cases of intensive smokers

yellow tongue
yellow tongue


Poor oral hygiene

Bad oral hygiene, either by doing it incorrectly or by, directly, not doing so is another of the main causes of the yellow tongue. In these cases, the hygienic deficit will cause bacteria to accumulate in our mouth and on the surface of our tongue, causing symptoms such as discoloration, halitosis and possible oral problems.



Poor nutrition and dehydration

There are beverages and foods that can cause a momentary yellow coloring, for example, sweets, sodas or jellies that contain dyes. However, there are other foods that, without taking dyes, can cause a change in the language that can be mild or lengthen in time:


  • Tea, chocolate or coffee can change the color of the tongue, however, with proper hygiene will disappear.
  • Very sugary foods can change the bacterial composition of our tongue and the appearance of fungi.
  • Do not hydrate enough thick saliva, dry mouth and causes the appearance of bacteria.



Colds and infections

Colds or infections in the upper respiratory tract like sinusitis can force us to breathe through the mouth instead of the nose. This can cause dry mouth, even inflammation of the papillae, something that increases the amount of bacteria in the mouth causing it to return with that characteristic yellow coloration.



Canker sores in the mouth

Before or after the appearance of the yellow tongue it is possible that canker sores or mouth sores result as a result of a proliferation of bacteria and inflammation of the taste buds. These sores can cause pain and other symptoms along with the color of the tongue, which is why they can be easily identified before visiting the doctor.


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Oral candidiasis

Also, other problems in the mouth such as oral candidiasis is an infection caused by the yeast fungus that can give a coloration from whitish to very yellow. It usually occurs when there is a lowering of defenses, so it is an opportunistic infection that benefits from this situation of the organism to proliferate.




The yellow tongue by antibiotics is another of the main causes of the appearance of this disorder. The fact is that antibiotics alter the composition of our body’s bacteria, causing conditions such as candidiasis to appear. Other medicines can cause side effects such as dryness, lack of salivation or even inflammation. In case you are taking medication and it causes some effects you should discuss it with your doctor so that it can be replaced, but never finish your intake by your own choice.



Other diseases

There are other underlying diseases that can cause the onset of this condition. It should be noted that not only this symptom will appear, but others will appear, which is why you are probably already treating this disease. However, some of these pathologies that can cause yellow tongue are HIV or some liver diseases such as hepatitis or cirrhosis.


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How to Get Rid of Yellow Tongue

After seeing the multiple possible causes of the onset of this condition we will see how to remove the yellow tongue. Logically, depending on what caused this disorder, the treatment should be different. In this sense, the diagnosis becomes very important, which is why we must visit the doctor to do the pertinent tests that allow us to know the cause behind the yellow tongue.



If it is caused by an underlying disease, it will have to attack the root of the problem, that is, the disease. Anyway, whatever the origin, this treatment to remove the yellow tongue can be very useful to relieve your symptoms:


  • In the case of being a smoker you must eliminate this harmful habit.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene, that is, brush your teeth after every meal and before going to sleep, using dental floss, mouthwash and paying attention to the tongue.
  • Eliminate foods like coffee or tea from your diet that can influence the color of your tongue.
  • Follow medical treatment, if necessary, for candidiasis, HIV or liver problems.
  • Hydrate yourself correctly, that is, drink around 2 liters per day.



Should the doctor see a yellow tongue?

As we have explained before, it is essential to visit the doctor so that you can diagnose what it is that is causing the yellow tongue when it does not respond to a specific logical reason, for example, eat a yellow candy. In these cases the doctor must perform a culture with a sample of your saliva to see if there are harmful organisms in your mouth.



If positive, it is probably oral candidiasis, fungus in the mouth, a condition that with treatment goes away with certain ease but that if it does not, it can become chronic. We often wait long before visiting the doctor, making the conditions worse and more difficult to treat. Going to the doctor on time can mean the difference between curing us immediately or having to go through months of treatment.

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