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How to Have twins – How to Get Pregnant with Twins

How to Have twins – How to Get Pregnant with Twins

If pregnancy is already a dream for some couples, conceiving twins is a double dream. However, it is not as easy as many would like it to be. In this article we’ll talk about some steps you can take to increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins, but know that none of them is 100% reliable.


Tips on How to Get Pregnant with Twins

Genetic help – If the probability of a normal person having twins is 3%, it quadruples if you have twins in the family, especially on the mother’s side. Those who have gone through more pregnancies have a gradually higher chance of generating a pair of twins. There are also those who are endowed with a genetic load especially conducive to the conception of twins.


How to Have twins - How to Get Pregnant with Twins
How to Have twins – How to Get Pregnant with Twins

Older – The older the woman is, the greater the chance that she will be at risk and less likely to become pregnant. However, with age increases the chance of having twins. In their forties, the chance is 7%, and at 45, it is up to 17%.



Turbinate feeding – Well nourished and even overweight people are more likely to have twins. Dairy foods, sweet potatoes and cassava also help – anyone who consumes dairy products while trying to get pregnant has their chances of having increased twins five times; the large consumption of sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving day led to the highest rate of twins deliveries in the United States; and in a Nigerian tribe, where cassava is the food base, a couple of twins are born to every 11 children: four times the world average. In doubt, all these foods are delicious and there are no problems in their consumption.



Contraceptives – If you take birth control and want to get pregnant with twins, try to get pregnant soon after you stop taking them. This happens because the body works furiously to regulate hormones and ovulation, occasionally producing two eggs and increasing – a lot! – the chance of twins being born.



Pass through In Vitro Fertilization – Very used by those who have fertility problems, in this type of technique the doctor implants more than one embryo in the inner layer of the uterus, in the hope of one of them revenge. Happily or unfortunately, in many cases, this generates multiple pregnancies: the chances of having twins are between 20 and 40%. It is only important to remember that this is not a cheap procedure or fast.



Talk to your doctor – There is a possibility your doctor will help you conceive twins, others will only do it if there is a medical need. Some women may not be medically fit to have a double pregnancy, so it is important to have this conversation.


If even trying several alternatives, you could not get two babies at once, do not fret – the important thing is to love your son or daughter who was born, regardless of other factors.

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