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How To Heal Sore On Nose – Effective Methods!

How To Heal Sore On Nose – Effective Methods!

Do you have a nose job? It is certainly a very uncomfortable thing, since this is a very sensitive area of our body, which can cause discomfort, constant sneezing, pruritus and pain, among other symptoms. Whether it’s a wound inside your nose or out, you need to know how to heal it and prevent it from getting worse or even getting infected. If there is pain, easy bleeding or infection, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Usually, the treatment is done with antibiotics, healing ointments, nasal splints, among other methods.


how to heal sore on nose
how to heal sore on nose


Heal A Quick Sore On Nose:

If you have a nasal wound, you should treat it as soon as possible to prevent it from getting worse and getting infected. These are the first precautions to cure a quick nose sore:

  • Wash your hands with warm water and mild soap for at least 20 seconds.
  • If you have nasal bleeding, stop it.
  • Do not tilt your head back, your head should be straight and slightly tilted forward to decrease bleeding.
  • Put some paper or gauze in the hole without actually putting it inside and avoiding to cover the hole.
  • Wash your nose with soap and water or a suitable disinfectant such as chlorhexidine or iodine. If the wound is inside the nose, use a cotton swab to wash the area well. Let it air dry.
  • Apply the medicine or ointment prescribed by the doctor to heal and heal the nasal wound. Use another swab to apply if necessary.
  • Avoid touching the wound further until the next treatment or until you see the doctor.

If it does not improve, if you bleed again or if you experience inflammation or infection in the area, see your doctor as soon as possible.



What Causes Sore in Your Nose ?

Wounds can arise inside or outside the nose, having various causes. However, in order for you to understand what is happening to you and to better discuss your case with your doctor, it is important to know what they are. The causes of nose sores are as follows:


Causes of a Sore Inside Nose :

Scratched: If you have a cold or an allergy in the nose, you know that the nose usually burns a lot, in addition to having constant mucus. This makes it possible to scratch and make a small injury in this area.

Nasal dryness: Either from environmental dryness, from a cold or by inappropriate use of nasal drops and decongestants, dryness in the nose is one of the main causes of sores on nose.

Piercing: Having a nose piercing may be good on the aesthetic level, but it is still a wound that needs to be cured. In addition, the presence of an object in the nasal conduit can create minor lesions when you blow yourself, scratch or place the jewelry.

Infection: Bacterial, fungal or viral infections in the nose can produce these marks and lesions.
Allergic rhinitis: An allergy and inflammation, especially persistent, can be the cause of lesions inside the canals and in the nostrils.

Capillary Fragility: The weakness of the capillaries, the smallest endings of the veins that are throughout our body, are a cause of bleeding and lesions of the nose.

Internal Fracture: An accident or a knock can cause an internal nasal fracture. Do not forget that if this type of injury is caused by aggression or abuse, it is essential to visit the doctor and seek help.

heal sore on nose
heal sore on nose


Causes of Sore On Nose From The Outside:

Vestibulitis nasal: is an infection that produces crusts in the entrance of the nasal orifices, being able to extend inwards or outwards. It is usually produced by the bacterium Staphylococcus.

Nasal Herpes: As in the previous case, it can affect the entry of the nose or grow into or out of it. It produces pain and crusting and the discomfort and appearance are very similar to cold sores.

Nose bumps and fractures: If a blow is felt on the nose, such as an elbow or a bicycle fall, the nose may fracture and even create an external injury.

Scratched: A scratch on this area of the face can be a consequence of excessive itching or even a pet. Although not severe, it should be disinfected as soon as possible.

Nose injury due to glasses: A mark may appear on the eyeglass support area when you wear them for many hours or if they tighten.


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Symptoms of A Sore On Nose:

If you suspect you may have a nosebleed but are not sure, check out the symptoms of an internal nose wound:

  • Bleeding
  • Inflammation
  • Itching
  • Discomfort and pain
  • Constant nasal discharge
  • Eye tearing
  • Deviation of the nasal septum

In some cases of minor cuts or lesions near the nostrils, it is even possible to see the lesion with the help of a small mirror. If the wound is external, it is much easier to identify.


How To Treat Inner Nose Injury:

The lesions inside the nose are the most common and sometimes they are more complicated to treat. If they are small, they may even heal on their own, as mucosal tissue heals faster than the rest of the skin. However, if you want to know how to heal an inside nose wound, these are the best methods:


Stop nasal bleeding: If there is a nosebleed, it is essential to stop it before starting the treatment of the lesion. Use the tips at the beginning of the article for this.

Intranasal ointments: Some healing, moisturizing and nourishing ointments help treat an injury within the nasal passage, even having a special applicator that facilitates its use. You can get these ointments at the pharmacy, usually without a prescription. Do not forget to always follow the recommendations for use on the packaging.

Antibiotic ointments: If your doctor thinks it is necessary, you will be given an oral or topical antibiotic cream or ointment. Follow the directions on the dose and the duration of the treatment.

Other medicines: Your doctor may prescribe more medicines if there is, for example, vestibulitis or herpes nasal.

Environmental humidity: it is necessary to increase the humidity in the environment, since the dryness of the same worsens the injury. Use humidifiers or place containers of water near you in the rooms where you spend most of your time. Also eliminate all dust from your environment.

Nasal splint or surgery: In case of a fracture, doctors can place the septum in place or operate to correct it by placing a splint on the nose that allows it to hold in place until completely healed and thus. avoid deviations.

Sore Nose That Will Not Heal:

If you have a nosebleed that does not heal even with the advice listed above and after medical treatment, we recommend that you see your doctor again. He will do a new evaluation and determine what else can be done, since you may have an ulcer that is treated in another way and with more care and patience.


sore on nose
sore on nose

Wounded nose out, how to heal?

When the injury is external, doctors may recommend the following to heal sore nose from the outside:


Antibiotic and healing ointment: If there is an open wound, antibiotics are part of the treatment to prevent infection. Healing and moisturizing ointments help the wound to close more easily.

Herpes ointment: If there is nasal herpes, the doctor usually prescribes a topical medicine to apply to the lesion and crusts until they heal completely.

Leave the wound to the air: When the injury is outside the nose, except in severe cases, it is better to leave it uncovered, avoiding the bandages or gazes most of the day. The air and the sun help to heal and heal.

Change glasses: If the problem is the glasses, change for a few lenses or opt for the lenses, at least for some time.


Sore nose:

If the nose wound is infected, it needs to be evaluated by a doctor so that he can recommend the best treatment according to your case.



Treatment may vary, but topical antibiotics are usually recommended for intranasal application. If the infection has spread too much, oral antibiotics may be prescribed. The specialist may also prescribe products and food to raise the patient’s defenses.



This article is for informational purposes only, at umCOMO we are not able to prescribe any medical treatment or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to call a doctor if you experience any type of condition or malaise.


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