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How to Keep your Hands Soft Naturally

How to Keep your Hands Soft Naturally

With our hands we caress, we follow what we say, we create. They are a direct connection to the world around us and so the skin of the hands also needs to be spoiled from time to time.


That is why today we bring some tricks so that you can take care of them naturally, without contaminating chemicals or unnecessary packaging.


Take care of your hands with these tips:


You will need:

  1. Two tablespoons of lavender flowers.
  2. Two tablespoons of chamomile flowers.
  3. Two tablespoons of sweet almond oil.
  4. 300 g of petroleum jelly.


Once all the elements have been gathered, the petroleum jelly with the flowers and olive oil in a Maria bath should be heated for one hour, stirring every 10 minutes.

keep your hands soft naturally
keep your hands soft naturally

Then pour the mixture into a well-sealed flask. When the preparation has cooled down and has taken on the consistency of gel, it is ready to be applied to your hands.


This homemade gel will refresh your hands and leave them soft.


Treatment for cracked hands:

You will need:

  1. 300ml of water, preferably mineral.
  2. Two roses.
  3. Glycerin, q.s.


To prepare this homemade cream, you should place the petals of the roses in a container with the mineral water and close it immediately.


Once the container is closed, shake it vigorously and allow it to stand for 48 hours.


Then finish the preparation by adding the glycerin. Pour into a jar and shake again. After this step, the cream will be ready.


To allow time to take effect, it is recommended to apply the cream overnight. Thanks to the properties of roses, your hands will feel revitalized and moisturized.


For Dry Hands:

You will need:

  1. A potato.
  2. One or two tablespoons of olive oil.
  3. Two spoons of milk.
  4. Two spoons of honey.


The potato should be cooked in bark. Then remove the shell and crush it. Add the milk, the honey and the olive oil.


With these ingredients it is made a cream that should be applied to the hands two or three times a week.


These are some homemade tricks to treat the hands. There are many more. The important thing is to investigate a little about the properties of natural elements such as flowers, plants, fruits, vegetables and seeds, among others.


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