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How to lose weight by losing 500 calories a day

7 Day Smoothie Weight Loss Diet Plan:

What is 7 day smoothie weight loss diet plan? Did you know that by burning 500 calories a day you get to lose up to 1 pound a week? It is not one of the usual open air theory, but simply an effective method for losing weight.


How to lose weight by losing 500 calories a day:

All you have to do to melt excess fat is simply to consume 500 calories every day. As Simple, it is enough to organize daily nutrition and our lifestyle based on the simple tips we give you below.


Weight loss 500 calories: Fitness

loss weight with fitness

First of all, always remember that movement and physical activity are points that should never be missed if you decide to lose weight. Even when sitting at a table or in the office, drumming with your foot or bouncing constantly with your leg helps you lose calories. It will look strange, but these small and continuous movements can burn up to 300 calories a day. Even when we talk on the phone or expect, for example, that water boils in the kitchen, it would be a good habit to go around the house rather than sitting in the chair.


Not to mention, then, that you can lose weight by burning calories even spending most of the time in the office. Do not you believe it?


Weight loss 500 calories: Milk

loss weight with milk

Drinking skim milk after a sports training seems to help lose calories. Studies in this regard have shown that people who used to drink skim milk after a weight training session have managed to burn double the calories over who, instead, does not drink.

Weight loss 500 calories: Salad


When preparing a salad, avoid too many condiments or fat foods such as cheese, nuts, bacon. Prefer fresh vegetables: peppers, grilled onions, mushrooms, etc.


Weight loss 500 calories: The right dish



If you use a small dish for your meals, you will eat up to 25% cheaper than when using a larger dish. It seems absurd but several researches have confirmed this bizarre hypothesis that eating on a small dish is equivalent to eating less than usual without even realizing it.


Weight loss 500 calories: Coffee


weight loss with cofee

If you love coffee, do not be afraid, you can leave it in your diet. Indeed, coffee is a great help to lose weight, especially if we add to our cup of skim milk.

Use Coffee In Cosmetic

Weight loss 500 calories: Chips



Definitely avoided are the adorable but super-calorie potato chips. Think that every 10-15 chips you eat are about 150 calories that go to weigh on your line!

Weight loss 500 calories: Dance


Dance is a great way to lose weight. Think that with an hour of dance you will burn about 600 calories. Just what it takes for our diet plan!


Weight loss 500 calories: Alcoholic


To ban alcohol drinks. Only 90 calories of vodka can even slow your metabolism by 75%. If, you just cannot give up an aperitif with your friends, try ordering a drink of tonic water, soda club or blueberry juice.


Weight loss 500 calories: Guests at dinner



Some studies have shown that having more than 7 guests dinner is equivalent to eating 95% more than a dinner with fewer people. Between gossip, fun and drink between friends, we do not know how to think about the calories we eat!


Weight loss 500 calories: Eat slowly

How to lose weight
How to lose weight by losing 500 calories a day?


One of the rules to lose 500 calories a day is to eat slowly so that the brain can transmit the sense of satiety. In our brain, it’s only 20 minutes to give us this sense of satisfaction and, therefore, eating fast, we continue to ingest food without having the time to be satiated.

Weight loss 500 calories: The smoothies



Many love the smoothies, but how many calories they contain! If you choose a bowl of oatmeal with a teaspoon of cane sugar, a piece of banana and a cup of coffee, you can be happy to have a delicious snack without exceeding 500 calories.


Weight loss 500 calories: Fried



Eliminate the fried or cooked food in the oil. Instead, they are preferable to boiled, boiled or boiled foods, which are healthier and certainly less calories.


Weight loss 500 calories: Lose weight with style



Try walking with a ballast jacket. This way you can get to lose up to 10% more calories. Of course the fatigue will be felt, but at least you will be able to burn more calories than you can burn with a simple walk.


Weight loss 500 calories: Drinks

loss weight with juice

Replace the carbonated and sugary drinks with so much water and green tea. The latter, in fact, has been found to be very important in helping metabolism burn calories during the day.


Weight loss 500 calories: The apple


loss weight with apple

Another effective method to train your metabolism is eating an apple. Many researchers have confirmed that, in order to lose calories it is definitely better to eat an apple than to drink a glass of juice.

Dieting losing 500 calories: Sleeping



Having a regular sleep is one of the main rules to burn calories during the day. Various searches have revealed that sleeping 7-8 hours per night rather than 5-6, it allows to consume more than 1,500 calories over the course of the day.


Weight loss 500 calories: Lunch


Prepare a flask feast is harmful to our line? Not always. Going to the supermarket, focusing on choosing the right foods, running along with the carriage in the supermarket corridors, and then engaging in preparation, helps burn more than 600 calories.


Weight loss 500 calories: Eggs



Soak up with the eggs. To avoid getting in the middle of the morning with anxious hunger, try each and every time to have breakfast with a couple of eggs, naturally cooked in the lightest possible way: boiled, in shirt or in a vegetable omelet.


Weight loss 500 calories: Snacks



Jump the most classic snacks that we find at the cinema or theater: they can even contain more than 1000 calories.


One solution would be to put some tasty, but low-calorie, homemade snacks in the bag. For example, if you go crazy for sweet appetizers, try the grapes without seeds: a delicious snack but with very little calories.

Weight loss 500 calories: Music


Always carry and iPod during walking or doing sports. Recent studies have revealed that women engaged in sports while listening to music can lose as much as twice as much calories as those women who do not listen to it.


Weight loss 500 calories: Walking



Replace the stairs to the elevator and park the car away from your destination. When you go to the office or around, always try to park your car away from where you are headed. Starting the day with a walk is a good method to burn calories from the morning.


If you take care of these simple tricks you will see that, without even realizing it, you will burn 500 calories a day in a healthy and natural way, avoiding, above all, resorting to rigid diets that we often just fail to observe.


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