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How to Overcome Anxiety in 3 Steps

How to Overcome Anxiety in 3 Steps

To overcome anxiety, a good technique is to create a period of anxiety, which consists of choosing a time of day to think about the worries and thoughts that make the individual anxious rather than anxious and worried all the time.


With this technique, the individual rather than trying to stop or get rid of an anxious thought several times during the day, only thinks of him during the period he chose to become anxious, eventually having control of his anxiety.

How to Overcome Anxiety in 3 Steps
How to Overcome Anxiety in 3 Steps

In this way, the 3 steps of this technique to overcome anxiety include:

1. Choose a time and place to worry about:

Choose a time and place to worry about which should be the same every day and preferably before dinner, such as in the room, after arriving from work, between 18:00 and 18:20.

During this period of anxiety, the individual is allowed to worry about anything he wants, however, the rest of the day is forbidden from getting anxious and worrying.

2. Postpone concerns for the period of anxiety:

If you start getting anxious during the day, postpone worries to the anxiety period by writing them down on paper so you do not forget and remember that you will have time to think about it later, so there is no need to worry with that now.


3. Think of worries when the anxiety period arrives:

When the anxiety period is near, pick up the list in which you jotted down the worries you had during the day and think about them. If you continue to be anxious about what you’ve written, worry about it only for the set time. But if any of the concerns no longer seem important, move on to another one on the list.


These three steps help overcome anxiety because as you develop your ability to put off your worries and thoughts that make you anxious for the period of anxiety, you begin to have more control of your anxiety.


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