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How To Protect Your Baby From The Cold

How To Protect Your Baby From The Cold

When the thermometer drops dive is normal, as mothers, to be a bit ‘worried: the cold fact lowers the immune system and, given that winter is the season in which the largest number of circulating influenza viruses, every mother fears that your child can contract a cold or bronchitis because they dress inappropriately.

How To Protect Your Baby From The Cold
How To Protect Your Baby From The Cold

Here then, below, a number of useful tips on how to protect the child from the cold and from the evils of the season, provided that, if the baby manifested the symptoms of some seasonal disease, such as fever, sore throat and cold, the first thing to do, especially if the child has a few months of life and can not eat properly, is to immediately contact your pediatrician.

1 Dress him in layers

Many mothers fear that their newborn baby getting cold, tend to dress him too much, with the result that her skin does not perspire and, with the heat, between the body and the clothes will form a condensate which favors the appearance of sweat. The best thing, especially if the child stays indoors, adequately heated, is to dress “onion”, so as to remove the outer clothing whenever his skin gets too hot and begins to sweat. This is also because the baby has a body temperature regulation system still underdeveloped, thus, covering it too much, risks to excessively increase the heat both inside and outside of his body.

2 Exit outdoors

Even in cold weather, do not give up the daily walk, unless it rains or there is too much wind. Contact with the clear air and the sun’s rays will benefit both of his that your health: will suffice him wear a padded suit, a hat, a scarf and soft wool knobs. If, while you are walking, the weather should suddenly change, do not panic but controls the temperature by putting his hand behind his neck: hands and feet tend, in fact, to be always colder than the rest of the body. If his neck is warm, you can feel confident that your little one is not affected by the extreme cold. If to reach the park you have to take the car instead, take care of loose jacket and scarf and cap to remove your child not to make him sweat during transport.


3 Feed him properly

As well as for adults, even for children the best way to face the cold is to feed themselves adequately. If the baby was not yet weaned, and feeds exclusively through feedings, will he make you understand when his body needs energy; if instead you’ve already introduced solid foods (therefore not before 5/6 months of age) make sure that at every meal are present fruits and vegetables in season, rich in vitamins and minerals, useful to counteract the appearance of diseases . Legumes such as lentils, certain vegetables such as pumpkin, and various types of meat such as beef and lamb, are for example particularly rich in zinc, a mineral that has the ability to strengthen the immune system: given that babies have, of normally, very low zinc reserves, is useful, especially during the winter, add these ingredients to his gruel.

4 Make regular cleaning of the nose

Pediatricians recommend that at least once a day to clean the nose with suitable instruments: this serves to keep the upper airway open and allow the child a proper suction. So if the baby were to show initial symptoms of a cold, it becomes extremely important to take action to remove mucus that may interfere with normal breathing is that with feedings. Also a too dry environment, favored by radiators accesses, may cause dust accumulation and mucus in the nose and paranasal sinuses, favoring infections and allergies: evidence in this case to use dehumidifiers or put some wet patches on the radiators to increase degree of humidity in the air.


5 Favor adequate rest:

Sleep properly is for both adults and children a useful remedy against cold and disease. Thus favoring a good rest of your baby will help you keep it healthy longer: for this purpose, always do so that his night sleep is not spoiled by sudden noises or lights. Create, for example, a routine of “sleep”, such as read him a fairy tale or devote a few more minutes of pampering, to help him understand when it came to bed time, is a great way to teach your baby the difference between day and night and help him make sleep more easily. Also maintain a suitable temperature inside of her room can be a useful way to make him sleep peacefully: it does not matter, in fact, overheating the room, a 18/20-degree temperature will go fine for conciliargli a serene and quiet rest!

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