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How to Reduce Swollen Feet After Pregnancy

How to Reduce Swollen Feet After Pregnancy

It is very common for the pregnant woman during pregnancy and also soon after birth to present swelling in the feet and legs, this process is natural due to extravasation of liquids in the blood vessels to the superficial layer of skin, especially in women who have undergone childbirth cesarean section.


Swelling in the feet and leg after pregnancy occurs in the post gestational period, when female hormonal rates are deregulated. Although the woman is no longer pregnant, she will still go through breastfeeding and for that reason rates are still high. It is essential for women to walk in the first few weeks to help circulation, so the aches and pains tend to get better enough. Avoid sitting or standing for too long, as this further aggravates swelling in the feet and legs.


With a few tips and changes it is possible to ease the swelling in the feet and legs soon after pregnancy check out below very useful tips that make all the difference and put them into practice!

swollen feet after pregnancy
swollen feet after pregnancy

FOOD – Take care of food very carefully, reduce salt intake in foods. Excess sodium is harmful and causes swelling. Therefore, pass away from salty foods. Add cucumber and pumpkin to your food menu as they fight against fluid retention.


DRINK LOTS OF WATER AND JUICES – Reduce water consumption, and do not expect thirst to drink plenty of water and natural fruit juices and teas. The ideal is to consume at least 2 liters per day.


UPPER LEGS – A tip that works great for combating swelling of the legs and feet is putting them upwards whenever you can. The ideal is to place the legs above the height of the chest, to facilitate the return of the blood from the feet to the heart.


MASSAGE – another tip to soften the problem is to do massage, moms who suffer with swelling in the feet and legs can and should undergo massages to improve blood circulation;
It is very common that soon after the delivery made through the cesarean section the feet become quite swollen. even more so than during pregnancy, but do not worry little by little everything will return to normal.

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