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How To Swell The Mouth Fast? Effective Methods

How to swell the mouth fast

A bruise in the mouth is not only uncomfortable because it is painful, but also because it is difficult to appear with one of these in the face of the whole exposure, especially since the face is one of the most exposed parts of our body and that appears in a The social situation with this kind of harm is not only uncomfortable thanks to the questions others will ask about swelling. In this article, we will explain to you some of the tactics and methods of How to swell your mouth fast and how to escape the discomforts that this injury can bring you. Keep reading to find out more!



Steps to follow:

How to get the swelling out of the mouth

The first step in quickly reducing a swelling in the mouth, especially if you want to know how to swell the mouth after a punch, is to pass a warm or hot compress of water and repeat circular movements on top of the swelling to remove the amount of fluids and blood which are accumulated there. With the circular movements and warm compress, soon the swelling will disappear and you will stop bothering with the swollen mouth.



How to reduce swelling in the mouth with ice

After applying hot water, alternate with ice suppressants. Take a rock of ice and rub in a circular way over the area where the swelling is and go alternating the heat with the cold every 15 minutes. This will increase blood circulation on the spot and will help your body to remove swelling as quickly as possible. This is an effective technique to swell the mouth bite (by the accumulation of liquids and blood in the region that has suffered the main impacts) and also serves to swell the mouth after kissing.



Along with hot compresses and ice, add salt in the water. Because salt has the property of absorbing liquids and attracting moisture, this is a great alternative for those who want to understand the best methods of dislodging the punch, a swelling almost always caused by the impact and accumulation of liquids, or for those who His mouth is swollen with kissing.


How to swell the mouth fast
How to swell the mouth fast

Aloe Vera in the mouth

Combined with ice packs, aloe Vera (or slug) may be one of the best ways to cure swelling in the mouth. With its numerous benefits for the skin and the body, in addition to its high healing power and restoration of the natural functioning of the body, it can assist you in dislodgment in the mouth. For this, get an aloe vera gel or even pass the gel inside the leaves in the region. This is one of the most time-consuming processes, but if you have the time, it may be one of the best alternatives if combined with the above.



How to relieve swollen mouth pain

If your mouth is hurting a lot and ice is not enough to relieve it, free prescription painkillers may be helpful in easing pain and swelling. Ideally, you talk to a doctor first and make sure you are not allergic to the medicine.



How to disinfect the mouth because of the device

Another possibility for swelling of the lips or inside the mouth is the use of orthodontic appliances. In this case, the measures presented previously will only be palliative, to alleviate the discomfort of the moment, to really solve the problem in a definitive way will have to treat the wounds that hurt the mouth and prevent them from arising again.



The first measure to disinfect the mouth because of the tooth is to ask for help from the dentist, but as long as you do not have the consultation, it is possible to alleviate the problem with dental wax on the parts of the device that cause the wounds and mouthwashes with water and salt or water oxygenated to aid in healing.



Mouth swollen by allergy

If none of the methods above mentioned for mouth disinfection has not worked, you may be allergic to any substance, be it from a medicine, hair removal, food or a sting. If you are allergic, go to the nearest drugstore and look for antihistamines, such as Alegra. With these remedies, it is certain that the swelling of your mouth will pass if the main cause really is allergy. However, do not buy the medication and do not self-medicate unless you are sure that the swelling is caused by an allergy.



Swollen mouth due to bee sting

One of the most common causes of allergy swollen mouth (swollen and numb lip) are bee stings and other insects on the lips. If this is your case, it is best to seek an emergency room as soon as possible to avoid an exaggerated allergic reaction with complications.


Herpes mouth sores

If swelling is caused by herpes, we recommend that you read our article on preventing herpes outbreaks, which contains precautionary measures to reduce swelling, pain, and wounds caused by shingles. If none of the measures we have mentioned have worked, you may have herpes, especially if the swelling is on the lip. For this, there are also patches in all pharmacies that remove herpes wounds quickly.



How to disguise swollen mouth with makeup

If you do not have time to wait for the swelling to pass and you urgently need to remove the swelling appearance from your mouth we recommend that you do a makeup coverage. There are some very effective makeup techniques to remove the impression of fluid buildup. The lipstick mate is a great option as it leaves the lips thinner than normal, however, you should avoid the stronger colors because if not the attention of the eyes goes excessively to the region in which you do not want attention.

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