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Tips and Workouts To Improve Our Metabolism

Here are some tips to improve your metabolism and enjoy life! A fast metabolism makes it possible to easily dispose of calories consumed and to maintain a toned physique. Nature has not given to everyone this feature, but by following these  tips you can get the desired results. The first tip is to increase muscle strength through weight training. This exercise stimulates the activity of anabolic hormones naturally present in the body, helping to eliminate body fat. If you devote enough time to the gym it is not always easy, it is advisable to simply be more active.

Improve Our Metabolism
Improve Our Metabolism


Tips and Workouts To Improve Our Metabolism

Humans have evolved for walking, for which the most can move around during the day allows to improve metabolism. Taking the stairs, to walk instead of using your car, they are excellent strategies that help to reduce pollution! Pay attention to food, preferring fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetables, lower calorie intake and increases the amount of vitamins and minerals essential to the body. Having diet as varied as possible is very good for health.


However, one must not too reduce caloric intake, in particular as regards the carbohydrates, which are very useful to give energy to the muscles. A drastic cut in meals stimulates, in fact, a thyroid hormone that tricks the body to be in famine, increasing the accumulation of fat. Rather it is better to make many snacks, some of which even hyper-caloric: mix proteins and carbohydrates at least once a week, improves the metabolism. If this strategy does not work, you can try to break up the metabolic rate.


How to do? Alternating two weeks with normal diet, two weeks with reduced calorie regime, but without exaggeration. To improve metabolism, you should not perform any exercise in aerobic phase, but try to keep your heart rate at a lower level. To know the maximum threshold to be attained, it is appropriate to train using a heart rate monitor. Finally, you have to hydrate your body! Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day speeds up the metabolism, especially if integrated with green tea or coffee. Good workout!

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