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Left Ear Burning: Causes and Treatment

Left Ear Burning: Causes and Treatment

Everyone has heard the superstition that when the left ear heats up is because they are speaking ill of you, however, it is only a myth without any scientific proof. It is common to feel the ear burning after some knocking in the region or great exposure to the sun, however, there are other reasons that can make us feel burning and have nothing to do with myths or blows. If you have that symptom and wonder what can be Left Ear Burning, read this article and find out!



Why does the ear turn red and hot?

Just like the cheeks, the ears are very common regions of burning and reddening, this is because such parts of the skin are filled by small blood vessels that can dilate in cases of extreme emotions or irritation, increasing blood circulation and also the temperature of the skin.



The tips of burning and redness should be brief and motivated, so if you are feeling constant burning in the ears, read below what may be causing such symptoms, in addition, the ideal is to make an appointment with a dermatologist so that the situation be evaluated.

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Left Ear Burning
Left Ear Burning

What Causes Burning in the Ear?

Ringworm is a very common fungal infection that can appear anywhere on the body, especially in “folds” such as the ear, fingers and armpits. Mycoses are usually caused by lack of hygiene and high moisture in the skin, since fungi like hot and humid places to live, so they appear on wet feet of people who usually do a lot of physical exercises. When ringworm reaches the folds of the ears, there is redness, peeling of the skin and cracking.
Mastoiditis: an infection caused by bacteria that reaches the bone behind the ear, the infection can generate inflammation that, in addition to redness, also causes an increase in the region near the ear. In addition to these symptoms mastoiditis also causes gradual hearing loss, pain and production of ear secretion. In severe cases in which there was no treatment, the disease can even be lethal.
Candidiasis: Although known as a disease that affects the genitals, candidiasis is a fungal infection that can appear in various regions of the skin. The symptoms of candidiasis in the ear are, in addition to redness and burning, also itching, rash and secretion production. The treatment of candidiasis should be done with ointments capable of eliminating the fungus. Visit Yeast Infection Bumps
Herpes zoster: Despite the name, this disease has nothing to do with common herpes and it is an infection caused by the chicken pox virus. Herpes zoster usually reaches small areas of the skin and may appear on the ears, its symptoms are rashes and tingling in the affected area. The treatment is done with antivirals and also with analgesics that serve to relieve the pain. See article Herpes on Tongue
Allergies: Food, chemicals and stings are the biggest cause of allergy. In the case of a food allergy, reactions can appear anywhere in the body, including the ears, while allergies to chemicals arise at the site of contact, causing redness and itching in the area. In addition to these allergies, it is very common to feel hot ear as a symptom of a metal allergy to earrings and piercings. Read Article Causes of Allergy
Eczema: is an inflammation of the skin that may or may not be caused by allergy. When chronic, eczema should be treated with corticosteroid ointments. The main symptom of eczema is pruritus on the skin.
In addition to the aforementioned reasons, burning in the ear may be motivated by an infection, to learn more see what to do at home with inflamed ear.


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Left Ear Burning, what to do?

As we have seen above, looking for “when the right ear is burning means what?” or “when the left ear burns what does it mean?” does not have much point, since the relevance of the ear to scratching only matters when we speak of superstitions, otherwise, we should leave it aside and evaluate the other symptoms that accompany the itching.



If your ear is itchy, try to also repair if your skin is bruised, blistered or burning, all these details can help you find the source of the nuisance, after all, when the ear heats up without reason is a sign of some unexpected problem.



Burning in Ear, How Cool?

Although the burn can be caused by several different treatment factors, it is possible to take some actions to relieve the symptom. For this you can:

  • Make compress water at room temperature. Avoid using cold water because the temperature contrast between the water and your skin can cause a lot of discomfort.
  • Make a mixture of basil leaves with some oil that is nice to you. Mixing basil with almond oil, for example, can greatly help relieve the discomfort in the ears.

Avoid at all costs if your ears come in contact with the right sun.

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