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Lip Herpes, Remedies For Cosmetics Alleviate

Lip Herpes, Remedies For Cosmetics Alleviate

The cold sores is manifested by a rash unsightly and causes burning and itching.


Let’s see how to relieve the symptoms of herpes through natural cosmetic remedies and DIY.


Cold sores: What is it and how to prevent it:


The labial herpes is a recurrent viral disease caused by the herpes type 1 human virus; Normally the virus remains dormant in our bodies but when the immune defenses are lowered reproduces causing a rash known as herpes.


Herpes appears frequently in the lip area or chin and causes blisters associated with redness, burning, itching, crusting and any bacterial infections.

lip herpes
remedies to relieve cold sores

Cold sores can therefore occur when the body’s immune defenses are low, such as when you are living a period of great stress, or during exposure to cold, or even when you get sick and during systemic infections, including pneumonia. Cold sores can also appear during the menstrual cycle or as a result of the lips sunburn.


To prevent the appearance of herpes is therefore necessary to protect themselves from the cold and try to raise your body’s immune defenses leading a healthy lifestyle and by taking natural supplements, such as echinacea or preparations containing vitamin C.


Cosmetic remedies to relieve cold sores or lip herpes:


Usually cold sores heal spontaneously over five days without complications and without scarring, but during its course can be very annoying and can be useful to use cosmetic remedies to alleviate it.


To alleviate the symptoms of cold sores, speed up the healing process and avoid superinfection of bacterial type, you can resort to cosmetic remedies soothing, healing and anti-bacterial.


The easiest way to intervene in case of cold sores is to apply aloe gel on the affected area with a real drop of lavender essential oil.


Alternatively, you can prepare a lip balm made from shea butter, soothing and healing from the action, and essential oils of lavender and tea tree, soothing and antibacterial.


DIY lip balm to relieve cold sores


The lip balm is an effective cosmetic remedy to relieve the symptoms of cold sores, speed healing and prevent bacterial infections that occur in the affected area of the skin eruption.



6 grams of shea butter

3 grams of marigold oloelito

1 gram of mimosa wax

1 drop of essential oil of lavender

1 drop of essential oil of tea tree


Preparation: Weigh butter Kaite, the macerate of calendula and mimosa wax using a precision balance, then melt these three ingredients in a water bath for a few minutes, after you transfer them in a small container in heat-resistant glass. When the wax will appear smooth, remove from water bath and let cool for a minute, stirring. Finally add the essential oils and pour the mixture into a jarrina or in a clean, dry container stick.


Before using the lip balm, let it solidify perfectly for twenty-four hours at room temperature or in the refrigerator for about three hours. Apply lip balm several times a day.


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