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Lose Belly Fast: Tricks to Have a Flat Tummy

Lose Belly Fast: Tricks to Have a Flat Tummy

Want to have a flat belly and no fat? The answer to this question is not difficult, but it asks for discipline and motivation for those who want to lose their belly. To achieve a flat belly without fat, you must take into account three main aspects, do physical exercise and, very importantly, have a careful diet and eliminate some bad habits.


To begin with you should eliminate alcohol, soda and beer from your daily diet, and opt for natural juices, teas and plenty of water. In this way it will keep your body hydrated, will eliminate toxic elements and purify the body, but should drink at least two liters of water per day.


Also eliminate flours and refined sugars, since these are simple carbohydrates that are quickly absorbed, bringing in empty calories that in the end turn out to become fat. This is the case, for example, of industrial cakes. Instead, choose fruit, replace the refined flours with whole flours, remove the refined sugar and replace it with sugar cane or stevia.


Complex carbohydrates are better at feeding, are absorbed more slowly and give a feeling of satiety for longer, so there is a natural tendency to eat less. Examples are whole grains, legumes, whole grains and potatoes, but do not abuse the latter.


Eliminate fried foods, fats, fast foods, and spare for a while from red meats, eat chicken or other poultry, baked or grilled fish, eliminate butter and regular dairy products, and use lean dairy products, namely milk and lean yogurts.


For the last one should avoid the sedentarismo, doing physical exercise is fundamental. You can combine abdominal exercises with a static bike, which work the abdominal area and help to tone the body. If you exercise regularly and daily you may start to notice major changes in a few weeks.

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