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Lose Weight With Aerobic or Anaerobic Exercises?

Lose weight with aerobic or anaerobic exercises?

Nowadays the promises to lose weight are very varied, sometimes it is the miracle drugs, sometimes it is the teas that eliminate all the excess weight or even the drastic diets that indicate that one should stop eating to lose weight. The truth is that physical exercise is present in all of them, mainly to help in the task, but often these are the ones that play a fundamental role in weight loss. There are many different types of exercises that you can include in your regular plan, but the ones that will bring you even more results are aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

Lose weight with aerobic or anaerobic exercises
Lose weight with aerobic or anaerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises:

In this type of exercises are included the walks, the races, the pedaling, the swimming or even dancing. In these, oxygen has a primary function of burning the substrates that produce energy transported to the muscles during activity. These are generally long-lasting, continuous, and relatively moderate-intensity exercises, making it much easier to handle the time needed in each exercise. Their main function is to stimulate cardiorespiratory and vascular systems and even metabolism, simply because they increase cardiac and pulmonary capacity.


Anaerobic Exercises:

This type of exercise, usually called “airless” exercises, mainly because its name refers to the creation of energy in the living tissue without needing oxygen. These are relatively short-lived but high-intensity activities in which your anaerobic metabolism (“no-air” energy creation) will happen in your muscle mass. Some anaerobic exercises are: bodybuilding, sprinting, rope jumping, that is, any type of exercise with rapid movements and a lot of physical intensity. This type of exercise are most commonly used by high competition athletes who need to develop their strength and build muscle mass, however for those who are losing weight they are also very important not only for their rich health but also to start taking care of the your image and keep your whole body strong and outlined.

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