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What Are Symptoms of Measles in Babies?

Symptoms of Measles in Babies

Measles in Babies is a disease that spreads rapidly, it is easy to get infected especially when playing together or sharing some objects. Symptoms of measles occur from the spots of koplik, or red spots with blue or white dots that appear in the mouth after a few days from the infection.



The measles eruption can be seen after an incubation period of about 13 days. It is transmitted by air through drops of saliva or nasal mucus. Initially the symptoms seem to be those of a common cold with a runny nose, cough, sensitivity to light. Subsequently you can have a high fever even at 40 °, red eyes and rashes on the skin starting from the head and then throughout the body.



How long is the fever? The fever, in this case, can last from 4 to 7 days and can be relieved with paracetamol, while for other symptoms are not always given specific medicines, the disease should be kept, however, under control by the pediatrician. Its duration is less than two weeks and remains immune for life.



Pictures of  Measles in Babies:

For measles the images are very clear, you immediately see the pink spots with a rounded shape that cover the whole body. Even if someone can confuse it with varicella initial symptoms, it differs from this because it is not itchy and does not create crusts.

Measles in Babies
Measles in Babies


Even the images of scarlet fever show a huge difference between the two diseases, because the latter’s spots are much redder. Only the photos of the sixth illness can mislead and get confused with the measles, but the bubbles last a few days and then disappear.

Pictures of measles in babies
Pictures of measles in babies


Measles vaccine

The only precaution against measles is the vaccine. This is done between 12 and 15 months of life of the child with a recall between 4 and 5 years. Before one year it is not administered, except in necessary conditions, because the little ones have the immunity of the mother. This type of vaccine is among those recommended together with mumps, rubella and chickenpox, but it is important to do so to avoid consequences.



In fact, in the most serious cases the disease can lead to blindness, encephalitis, bronchopneumonia and neurological problems. The puncture is not bothersome for children but could cause a temperature increase. How long is the vaccine fever? Usually a day, but it’s not worrying.



However, not vaccinating children is likely to also take measles as adults and if on the one hand, thanks to the mediated cell immunity, you can heal in 10/15 days, on the other, in the most critical situations, neurological problems may occur serious. If the measles appear during pregnancy, it is advisable to contact the gynecologist, who can request the administration of immunoglobulins within 72 hours from the infection to avoid problems for the mother and the fetus.



Exanthematic illness

Measles is one of the exanthematic diseases, that is, those that occur with exanthems, or rashes. Among these are rubella, scarlet fever, the sixth and the fourth disease. The symptoms seem the same, but the spots differ from each other. There are also exanthematic diseases without fever such as the fifth disease and chickenpox, which often does not cause the temperature to rise, but rarely the sixth disease appears without fever.

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