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My Teeth Hurt What To Do?

My Teeth Hurt What To Do?

If your teeth hurt than the pain informs your mind that something is wrong. The pain is the condition which tells that you are suffering from generalized tooth pain. You may be suffering from chronic grinding, or you have complained about the sensitivity. My teeth hurt when I am in low stress or is in depression; it means that when you take a severe stress, then you suffer from grinding. Some children and even adults who do not follow proper diet also suffer from tooth decay which makes the teeth sensitive and produce severe pain.


my teeth hurt

my teeth hurt

My teeth hurt due to sensitivity:

There are chances that you may have to face discomfort because of sensitivity. It is a sign that any area or part of your teeth is affected or is decaying. There is a possibility that the surface of your root is sensitive. So it is advised to keep your teeth clean and use anti-bacterial toothpaste. Do not use a toothbrush with hard bristles because it may lose the filling or abrasion. Just be very gentle while cleaning your gum line and brushing your teeth more than twice a day will also increase sensitivity. However you feel that the sensitivity is getting worse, then consult your dentist.

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My teeth hurt – Dental work:

My teeth hurt after the dental work what is the reason? There is a possibility that your teeth hurt after the dental work because sensitivity increases due to the tissues which get inflammation. The sensitivity of teeth does not last longer after the dental work. If you have removed the filling or crown has been placed then, it will require time to settle or you will experience mild pain. Consult your dentist if you will experience pain is getting worse. You can take painkillers like aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen to reduce the pain.


Sharp pain in teeth:

When you experience a severe pain especially while biting the food. You may experience cracked tooth, or your filling will lose so consult your dentist. If your pain is worse than you will have to ask the endodontist for a root canal. He will perform a root canal and clean all the disinfect part of the root canal. The remaining space of the tooth will be covered. If you have a cracked tooth, then it is hard to have a treatment of cracked tooth.


Constant pain and swelling of gum

My teeth hurt and I feel that the surrounding pulp is growing. Maybe I am suffering from any tooth infection. If you are suffering from such condition, then you need to see your endodontist because you need a root canal treatment. You can minimize the pain from the pain killers. Never perform home remedies especially when you feel that the pain is getting worse.


There are many reasons and causes which lead to the pain in the teeth or you will have to face discomfort in the teeth or the surrounding areas. It is advisable to have quick treatment instead of waiting to get relief from the pain.

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