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Natural Remedies for Weight Loss: Loss Weight Quickly using Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Weight Loss: Loss Weight Quickly using Natural Remedies

In addition to normal diets and exercise, there are also a variety of natural herbal remedies and other foods that can help you fight off extra pounds. Here are some natural weight loss remedies that can help you

Green tea:

The popular green tea is one of the natural remedies most used for weight loss, this because it also offers other advantages for your health. This plant has lipolytic properties, that is, it helps to release toxins from the body and accelerate the metabolism, facilitating the destruction of calories.

weight loss with natural remedies
weight loss with natural remedies

Keep in mind that this natural remedy can have side effects such as constipation and irritation of the digestive system. These effects affect some people, so if you experiment them, you should stop drinking green tea.



Phaseolamine is a protein found in white beans and works as an excellent remedy for weight loss. This protein has the ability to neutralize the activity of the enzyme alpha-amylase. This enzyme, which is found naturally in saliva, has the function of transforming carbohydrates into glucose, that is, facilitating the absorption of carbohydrates present in bread, potatoes, among others. If this enzyme is neutralized, the organism will stop integrating the starches in the digestive process, which is sent directly to the intestine and expelled from the body. As a result your body will not absorb these substances and you will be able to lose weight.


Thermogenic foods:

Thermogenic foods can be natural remedies to lose weight in the sense that they are foods that can greatly accelerate the metabolic activity of the body and thereby cause the body to burn more calories than would normally burn. This effect is boosted by physical exercise, since during periods of physical exertion your metabolism is more accelerated.


Some thermogenic foods are green tea, red pepper, cinnamon, ginger, coconut oil, ice water and foods with omega3.


However, it is necessary to be aware that the consumption of these excess foods can cause undesirable side effects, such as nausea, insomnia, arrhythmia, headaches and restlessness. Such happens because these foods are natural stimulants of the organism. Ideally, consult a nutritionist so you do not take unnecessary risks.

African Mango Extract:

African mango extract can be an auxiliary supplement in your diet. The extract of this fruit produced in Africa and Southeast Asia is rich in fiber, which gives you two advantages in combating calories: it inhibits hunger and gives you the energy you need for your physical exercise.


Bitter Orange Extract:

Another fruit extract that works somewhat like the thermogenic foods we have referred to as it stimulates the metabolism and speeds up the burning of calories. It also helps release adrenaline, ideal for sports activities, and is a source of vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps increase lean muscle mass.


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